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 The morning of 28th august, around 02:30, a group of 30 anarchists, attacked MAT at tositsa/trikoupi streets with molotovs.

 The attack happened as two groups of strugglers: the first group of comrades attacked MAT from Tsamadou street and burned them in tositsa street, while the cops were next to the squatted steki of anarchist immigrants. In the same time, the second group of comrades, attacked MAT from trikoupi street and burned them hardly at tositsa street, while they were busy from the attack, which they received from Tsamadou street.

 After the attack, all the comrades left the area safe without arrestion.

 We give this message to the state that resistance still exist and we will resist unit the last drop of our blood.


Video from mAyhem collective 

The video of 30th august riot soon will be publish too, the riot that burned MAT at tositsa/trikoupi streets with 80 molotovs



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