A group of 20 anarchists, attacked the military check point of MAT with molotovs, which is at the corner of tositsa/trikoupi streets.

 The attack had taken place around 23:40(1th September) in the neighborhood of exarchia, which from 26th August that the evacuations of 4 squats happened, is facing with more militarization by state, in this neighbourhood than past.

 After the attack, MAT started to come to the square of exarchia and throwing chemical weapons to the exarchia square and the streets around of the square, even in the streets, where there were no riot.

 All the militant comrades left the area safe without arrestion.

 Exarchia has a history, cops go away from square

 The video of riots on 31th August(day and night will be publish soon) The riot of 31th August, (in tnight) which had taken place around 23:30 burned the cops very hardly that one of the cops from squad of MAT got injured and the ambulance arrived to give him medical help.

 Resistance is still alive and resistance will exist, even if the streets of exarchia become red from our blood.Long live resistance

Video by: mAyhem Collective


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