On Saturday 14/9 a demo against repression was made in response to the attacking of squats and cop rule, and it ended in Exarchia square. Later in the day there were clashes with the occupation forces that are installed around the square. MAT and OPKE stormed the square and the nearby alleys and, in keeping with their usual tactic, picked up people indiscriminately.

Aiming to terrorise all the people who came to the demo, but also the people who live in the neighbourhood and give life to it, they saddled 4 people (among them a minor) with heavy charges (misdemeanours and crimes). One of the people arrested got beat up by the MAT and was hospitalised. There were also 16 people taken to the police station, even from the inside of a building, who were not arrested in the end. The people arrested went through the interrogator and the prosecutor, where they got a 3-day adjournment and are expected to defend themselves on Wednesday 18/9 at 10:00 inbuilding 9 of Evelpidon, while until then they will remain detained in the police headquarters.This morning there was a call for solidarity to which 50-60 people responded.

We call to a solidarity gathering on Wednesday 18/9 at 10:00 in Evelpidon (Building 9).

Do not leave the 4 comrades alone in the hands of the state

Passion for freedom is stronger than cellsNext open assembly on Tuesday at 19:00 in Gini.p.s.

There will be full information in the next days.

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