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 21 september, a member of mafia group who armed attacked the immigrants on 2018, was armed threatened to go away from the neighbourhood of exarchia.

 This particular person who in the beginning started his activity in some humanitarian groups, which exploited the immigrants for money and their mafia activity behind the cover of helping immigrants, had attacked the immigrants with gun on 2018.

 On 2018, during the mafia domination on the population of immigrants, an armed attack had taken place against some immigrants who denied to get order from mafia; the night of 21 sep, similar with what happened against immigrants on 2018(putting gun on the head of those immigrants and threatened them), we found this particular person in a place of exarchia, which many of us have puted his/her/it life to keep it without mafia, rapists, fascists and cops; In the beginning of the event, we asked him to leave and go away from our neighborhood, but he denied to leave in a machismo way, so the social responsibility of struggle teached us that we should put the gun on his head and kicked him out from our neighborhood.

 During the state repression and militarization of exarchia, collaboration between mafia and cops was very clear for us, which cops are giving drugs to mafia to order of destroying and control our neighborhood and having excuse for the state to have intervention inside our neighborhood; we know that mafia also collaborating with cops as snitch to order of give informations about strugglers and particularly armed strugglers.


Long live armed struggle and anarchy 


Polytechnio is a safe place, which many of us have putted his/her life to keep it clean from cops, mafia, rapists and fascists.

On the night of 21/sep, during a public event at polytechnio, a mafia guy who used to be a volunteer in a immigrant housing squat, which had full collaboration with syriza, entered inside the polytechnio(of exarchia). A few months before of this event, this particular german guy, was kicked out from polytechnio by some anti mafia comrades who new his background.

On the night of 21/sep, those comrades who had informations about him, started to shear it with others, finally the conclusion was to speak with him and ask him to leave; after speaking with him, he denied to leave and there was a small physical clash between a comrade and him. Since in the past, he had armed attacks against the immigrants, we decided to show him the way, which he has done it in the past against immigrants, so we threatened him with gun and asked him to leave immediately, he started to leave from the door of polytechnio but it wasn't enough, so we started to chase him into out of polytechnio to be sure that he will leave also from exarchia.

In the same time that we can understand the critical things about this anti mafia move, also we have to understand that polytechnio maybe is a only place in exarchia that still cops, mafia... haven't dominated it, so we believes that we should be very serious about it; in the other hand, this particular person had armed attacks against immigrants on 2018, so the social punishment about what he has done should be done too.

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