Arash Hampy, an iranian nationalist who supports rapist of a girl comrade & report information of anarchists to cops & fascists

Arash Hampy, an iranian nationalist who supports rapist of a girl comrade & report information of anarchists to cops & fascists

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 Arash Hampy, is an iranian nationalist who left iran and came to greece on 2016. From the time that he arrived at greece, he realized money is in humanitarian activity, pretending not to be an iranian nationalist in greece, so he lied to western volunteers who were coming to greece that he was a supporter of afghanian immigrants in iran and he has a will to continue this activity for all immigrants in greece too, this is while that in iran, there are photos of him with the flags, which iranian neo nazists and fascists use these flags as its symbols.

 On 2018, while he was in athens, he tried and started to get connection with anarchists in athens, when some of us as anarchist immigrants saw as a fact that he is an immigrant and has a will to help other immigrants, some of us, we started to collaborate with him. He was sending immigrants to squats and asked us to give solidarity and find a place for those immigrants to stay inside the squats. Unfortunately after a while, we realized that he got money from those immigrants to send them to the squats.((Usually those immigrants who give money to the smugglers to move them out of greece, will get a accommodation from smugglers too, but this is very dangerous for smugglers so Arash Hampy in collaborate with smugglers was sending immigrants to the squats and lied to immigrants that this(squats) is a accommodation, which smugglers have rented for you, so Arash Hampy was making money out of immigrants in this way)), finally when immigrants who were sent by Arash Hampy realized, what is squat, they informed us waht had happend to them, so we stopped any relations with Arash Hampy but he got mad and started to write bad things about anarchism in his social media accounts.

  On 2018, an immigrant lesbian girl has been reped and a group of anarchists found her rapist and made the social punishment to him, but Arash Hampy who had anger from anarchists and specially anarchists immigrants(who were from iran), started to publish texts against those anarchists who beaten the rapist up and supported the guy who raped our girl comrade. In the same time Arash Hampy published the photos/names of some anarchist comrades and accused them that they have guns and they do robbery, which Arash Hampy very clearly gave information to the cops and gave the local fascists.

 Last night 9/10, we saw Arash Hampy in exarchia and we were ready to attack him but he escaped. Since we believe that a supporter of a rapist has no real difference with the rapist and Arash Hampy clearly gave information about strugglers to the cops and gave photos of strugglers to fascists, we publish his photos as a roufyanos and supporter of rapists.

 In the end, we have publish Arash Hampy photo with a flag, which iranian neo nazists and fascists use it as its symbol.

Anarchist immigrants and feminist group of refugees 10/10


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