Demo: LET’S TEAR DOWN the WAR MACHINES of the STATES - Solidarity with the Rojava revolution

The popular resistance of the revolted in N. Syria and in the whole of Kurdistan is the hope of this planet. The international movement has the historical duty to blockade the political, economic and technical support given to turkish fascism and imperialism by multinational capital. - Demonstration Saturday 12 October 5:30 pm at Propylaia (Panepistimio)

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Demonstration Saturday 12 October 5:30 pm at Propylaia (Panepistimio)

The militaristic-fascist machine of the turkish state, backed by northamerican and russian imperialism, invaded Rojava, two days ago, across its borders, so as to complete what it started with the occupation and ethnic cleansing in Afrin: the crushing of the social revolution and the subjugation of the peoples of Syria. The ultimate goal of all state agents is the suffocation of the kurdish revolutionary movement, the uprooting of the PKK bases and the annihilation of the social struggles in the broader region of Anatolya, Mesopotamia and Middle East, for the next decades.

The popular resistance of the revolted in N. Syria and in the whole of Kurdistan is the hope of this planet. The international movement has the historical duty to blockade the political, economic and technical support given to turkish fascism and imperialism by multinational capital.

Our heart beats alongside the comrades who are fighting today in the liberated land of Rojava, beneath the bombs launched nato war planes. Victory to the weapons of the revolution, victory to the fighters of the Revolutionary Union of Internationalist Solidarity, who having given themselves wholeheartedly to the revolution of Kurdistan and N. Syria, with heavy cost from which they did not yield, are a radical and rare contemporary example of organized and continuous participation of anarchists in the defense of a revolution.

" The social revolution of Kurdistan and of the confederation of N. Syria, is the revolution that became powerful through the self-organization of women, the popular self-organization and its armed defense. It is the revolution that is spreading though the actions of the most oppressed to breach tribal, religious and ethnic boundaries, through the establishment of con-federalist structures, and the dissemination of libertarian projects against the state’s and capital’s pillaging. It is a revolution that is becoming a global hotbed, creating a liberated space for all social movements, giving priority to the social revolution itself within an environment of brutal war waged by all the agents of authority.

Geopolitical analyses or dogmatic comparisons conducted by instructors who are looking to grab a political seat, end up defending some existing states and, even worse, dismissing those who are revolting. From an anarchist perspective about the global revolutionary movement, those who are fighting have the first word. Revolutionary projects cannot be cut off from their own history, from their internal dialogue and their development in their own theorizing terms. The contrary stance is a colonialist approach, unable to produce even one idea that would gain ground within the slaughterhouse of the capitalist periphery, and unable to produce any revolutionary stance within the urban metropolis.

The revolutionary becoming draws its potential from the historical substance of the social subjects who shape it, of each particular one and of them as a whole. The revolution in N. Syria is born out of the kurdish movement. The con-federalist self-direction in N. Syria, the attempt in 2015-16 for democratic self-management in Bakur (N. Kurdistan-SE Turkey), which was drowned in blood by the bombardment of the insurgent cities, the guerrilla counter-attack that followed, the constant defense of the revolutionary bases in Bashur against the interventions of the turkish army (S. Kurdistan-N. Iraq), the development of the social movement and of the guerrilla organization in Rojhilat (East Kurdistan-NW. Iran), is the continuation of 35 years of struggle of the PKK (Workers Party of Kurdistan). Socialist and libertarian ideas came alive in the form of a mass internationalist revolutionary movement, within the free space that has been created by the ceaseless struggle of this sociopolitical organization. Inside the furnace of dictatorships, war, theocratic obscurantism, patriarchal tyranny and the subordination/assimilation into imperialist control, today's revolution takes its particular form from the way the subjects themselves materialize it.

In the words of PKK and KCK on the 33rd anniversary (2017) of the first battle: “The first bullet that was fired on 15th of August 1984 in Eruh and Semdinli marked not only the beginning of a struggle for national liberation, but it also became a good message for the emancipation for all humanity...the rebel initiative of the 15th of August turned the kurdish people into a leading force for the liberation of all the peoples of the Middle East…

The fact that the rebels are today stationed in all the mountains, valleys, plains and cities in all four parts of Kurdistan, the fact that they resist against the colonial forces and peripheral oppressive ideologies, is the proof that the initiative of the 15th of August achieved its goals. That our rebels and our people continue to resist, despite heavy blows, this is owed to the initiative of the 15th of August and to the invincible spirit that this created. The fact the the kurdish freedom movement is a military and political force with a strong will and organization, acknowledged as a considerable force in the Middle East and in all the world, this shows that the initiative of the 15th of August achieved its goals...The initiative of the 15th of August created revolutions within a revolution for 33 years, and turned Kurdistan into a hub for creating a free and democratic life...For this reason, we are no longer merely theorizing about a democratic revolution in the east, but, as in Rojava, we see this revolution being put into effect. The era of revolutions in the Middle East has become a real possibility...As we salute with gratitude and respect all the martyrs who have evolved and deepened the revolutions for 33 years and who brought our peoples and the people of the Middle East closer to a free and democratic life, we call on the peoples and our peoples to resist fascism and all counter-revolutionary forces and to turn the Middle East into a ground of salvation for all humanity...”

Solidarity with the Kurdish movement and the revolution in N. Syria is not the philanthropic ‘acknowledgment’ of the progressive bourgeoisie who make demands for peace and democratization in the capitalist periphery, so as to shed their own guilt. All the social gains are created and defended by the weapons of the oppressed themselves. Our stance is the revolutionary solidarity of the oppressed, the common struggle and organization, the practical defense of revolutionary structures and of liberated grounds, the spreading of the revolution beyond national borders that are in effect prisons along class lines. In this process, the radical paradigm comes from the current revolution. Innovation emerges and can be implemented firstly within the revolutionary projects of the most oppressed. Social movements around the globe have a duty to learn from the revolutionary struggle of the outcasts of this world, of those who had nothing to lose but their chains.

The decision to join arms with the revolution is not one out of an array of choices. As the oppressed, we wish to take into our own hands our humanity and our history. Actively responding to the current social conditions is a duty. Anarchists have the responsibility of the reality. They cannot avoid it, because they have the sense and understanding of reality and, mainly, the conscience of this responsibility, exactly due to their awareness of the power of the active subjects. This moral relation, which is both intentional and unavoidable, with the totality of the human world, renders the ephemeral life of a person collectively historical. Determination, courage and honesty, and unlimited comradeship are incarnated in the life of the insurgents. Those who took on the responsibility to defend the toughest trenches color our horizon."

[From the introduction to the Event for Remembrance and Vigilance that took place on Saturday, March 16th 2019, in GARE Squat in Exarchia, Athens, for the comrade Sahin Hosseini (Haukur-Spark Hilmarsson), who passed from the movement of the greek territory in order to join the revolution of Northern Syria, fell in battle on the 24th of February 2018, fighting in the ranks of the International Freedom Battalion and of Yekineyen Parastina Gel and Yekineyen Parastina Gin (forces of popular and women’s self-defense in Rojava Kurdistan), during the resistance of Afrin.]




Biji Rojava Azad- Long Live Free Rojava!


GARE Squat


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