THE REVOLUTION WILL WIN / Statement of RUIS about the new military invasion in Rojava by Erdogan’s fascist regime

Today, is it a major matter to develop a broad anti-war movement, to embrace and develop actions of solidarity throughout the world. We salute, in fighting spirit, the solidarity actions that have taken place in all the previous period, and we commit to stand accordingly to what the current situation demands, raising the flag of internationalist solidarity, fully joining arms with the revolution of the 21st century.

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The fascist regime of Erdogan in Turkey invaded Rojava with the goal to establish its domination over the broader region, so as to develop its neo-ottoman plans. As we wrote in our last communique, the ‘security zone’ that Erdogan wants to establish, includes the control of the road network which connects Iraq to western Syria and eastern Mediterranean. At the same time it is designing a policy of genocide as it was implemented in Afrin, which involves demographic shifts, through the persecution and annihilation of the local population and the settlement of over one million refugees from the region of Idlib. In the period that has preceded, Erdogan laid the ground for the coming invasion through daily announcements about bloodshed, through blind hits with heavy artillery launched from the borders, through arson fires at the granary fields, through aerial mapping conducted by unmanned planes, through the constant influx of ground troops along the borderline with Rojava, through constant threats towards Europe regarding the management of refugees, through the agreements achieved in the context of the Astana talks and of the wider talks between imperialist forces which ravage the region, through the business trade and co-dependence in the military industry.

The big powers of this planet have concentrated on Syria and are conducting a proxy war with the goal to cut out their shares of the Middle East into spheres of influence for the appropriation of natural resources, for the domination over trade routes, the creation of military bases, the development of their future market. Within such a complex war, it is natural that tactical alliances change according to the developments. This does not necessarily mean common ideological perspective, common fight or friendship. Under these conditions, the Syrian Democracy Forces, QSD-SDF, have been active on all diplomatic levels, for the protection of the peoples and society of the Federation of Northern and Eastern Syria from a frontal assault. They make no compromise on the moral values of the revolution, but they weigh up costs and gains so as to prolong the peace, which is so precious to society and to the revolution. The revolution in Syria is not the revolution of weapons, it is not the revolution of some political party and, to be precise, it is not a linear revolution with the declaration of Rojava’s autonomy as its starting point. It is all these things together and much more in a sequence of revolutions. It is the revolution of the women who were deprived of the right to show their smiles, the revolution of the peoples who were stripped of their culture, the revolution against religious dogmatism and against the monarchies that rule the Middle East, it is the revolution of radical democracy blossoming through the ruins of the decadent civilization of domination.

The occupation of Kobane in July 2012 and the consequent autonomy of Democratic Syria, was the result of decades of organization and fermentation of the social base with the Kurdish revolutionary movement. From the first days of the revolt, educational institutes were created for the learning of language and culture. Then followed the creation of the TEV-DEM movement for democratic society. The goal of the social structures and organizations is the education of the individual’s personality with respect for each one’s particularities, it is the development of the social conscience on the basis of morality, solidarity and respect to difference. Particular gravity is given to: a) The autonomy of the procedures and structures of women and the development of the science of jineoloji, which breaches the bonds of patriarchy revealing all the truth of the enslaved woman’s history, from mythology to contemporary reality, and from archaeological findings to the living experience. b) The autonomy of the youth organizations which always carry pioneering ideas and which reflect the spirit of their era. c) The contribution of the elders’ memory which is living history. d) The system of self-defense and the theory of the rose, meaning the development of personal and social self protection through familiarization with the use of weapons, through mentally armoring oneself so as to prepare for defense when needed. e) The justice system in which penalties are decided in the framework of community (except for heavy crimes, eg. daesh, for which there are military courts and incarceration). f) The development of productivity through agriculture, funding and reinforcing cooperatives, academic training and university knowledge. Each commune includes different structures (aside from those structures that are necessary to every commune), based on their needs, which operate on a system of co-presidency and where the system of decentralized self-direction is implemented. That is, issues are resolved within the assembly, committees are formed, and only in the case that they are unable to materially implement a decision, do they refer to a higher (geographical) level.

The model of democratic con-federalism as it is implemented in Northern Syria is a guarantor of the peaceful co-existence of the peoples of the Middle East, but also a global solution to the problems created to humanity by nation states and capitalism. Each day that passes is of the upmost importance for the further development of society’s revolutionary conscience, against the logic enforced through centuries of ottoman rule, french, british, russian and american imperialism, tyrannical regimes, theocracies and all the ills of the world of authority, without ever taking a breath of freedom. Beyond the strategic designs of the fascist Erdogan, the attack against Rojava is the war of the world of authority against the revolution. The federation of NE Syria is under constant threat from imperialist forces, their pawn states, their fascist gangs and the guilty silence of the international community.

The Revolutionary Union of Internationalist Solidarity has been on the ground of Democratic Syria for the purpose of revolutionary internationalist solidarity, since April 2015.With its small forces and capacities, throughout these four years, we have kept the contact and have laid the bridge of solidarity from Greece to neighboring Syria. The assault on Serekaniye city is of strategic importance for the fragmentation of north Syria and the separation of its cantons, laying the ground for the onslaught and massacre that Erdogan has been talking about for the past 10 months.

Today, is it a major matter to develop a broad anti-war movement, to embrace and develop actions of solidarity throughout the world. We salute, in fighting spirit, the solidarity actions that have taken place in all the previous period, and we commit to stand accordingly to what the current situation demands, raising the flag of internationalist solidarity, fully joining arms with the revolution of the 21st century.




“...Victory over fascism is our matter, it is the matter of each one of us, in the end it is the matter of all humanity...”

Haukur Hilmarsson

(fell martyr in defense of Afrin)

Revolutionary Union of Internationalist Solidarity


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