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Αυτό το μήνα ακούτε το επεισόδιο 27 (Οκτώβρης 19′) από το B@D NEWS, ένα δελτίο αντιπληροφόρησης στα αγγλικά, από το διεθνές δίκτυο αναρχικών και αντιεξουσιαστικών ραδιοφώνων,που μεταδίδει ειδήσεις και κινηματικούς αγώνες απ’όλο τον κόσμο.

Ακούτε ηχογραφημένα Δευτέρα και Πέμπτη στις 11:00, Σάββατο στις 14:00.

Welcome to BAD News, Angry Voices From Around The World for October, 2019. This podcast is a produce of the A-Radio Network, a network of anarchist and anti-authoritarian podcasts, radio shows and radio stations from around Europe, North and South America.

This is episode number 27 of “B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world”, a news program from the international network of anarchist and antiauthoritarian radios, consisting of short news segments from different parts of the world.

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Language English If you’d like to get involved in the network or want to hear more – send an email to Check out all the shows look for the a-radio-network collection on or at our website, On this month’s show we have:

Welcome to the 27th edition of B(A)D news: angry voices from around the world a commonly produced monthly show of the anarchist and anti-authoritarian radio network, on this occasion composed by whoever, from wherever’s capital.

In this episode we will hear contributions from:

  • R.O.S.E. Update about the trial against the fascist party golden dawn, evacuations and evictions of refugees, the fire in Moria the biggest camp of refugees in Greece and the changes of asylum in the Greek state.
  • Črna luknja A short interview with a anarchist comrade from Japan who attended the congress of International of anarchist federation that was held in Ljubljana this summer.The first part is about a few projects of the anarchists in Japan and in the second the focus is on the resistance to the upcoming Olympic games that are to take place in Tokio in 2020.)

  • The final straw radio Rojava – It’s an interview with with Gönül Düzer, who is a labor activist, math teacher, and a board member of the Kurdish Cultural Center in Chicago. Gönül was willing to take the time to speak on the current Turkish invasion of Northeast Syria
  • Radio Dissident Island Climate Strike, Actions against WP-UK., Anarchist bookfair…(ongoing struggles and events from the UK)


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