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In November 20th 2019 the greek minister of citizen protection announced a 15 days ultimatum demanding the eviction of all private and public squatted places in Greece. The ultimatum notes that any asylum seekers residing in these occupied buildings will be transferred to inland accommodation structures. The ultimatum is to expire in 15 days, that is today, the 6th of December. This is not a random date, it is a symbolic day for the fight against state repression in greece. Eleven years ago, on that day in the neighborhood of Exarcheia in Athens, 15-Year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos was shot dead by a greek policeman. This murder led to a massive social revolt and gave birth to several initiatives, squats and collectives around the country.

It is not the first time that this government attacks social centers and squats. The last few months several occupied buildings were evicted. Among them were several buildings where migrants had found shelter and social centers where people organized collectively their political actions against capitalistic repression. During a period of crisis which is characterized by the imposition of harsh neoliberal measures in the greek society these places play a multifaceted role. They provide shelter to those excluded and left behind, they stand in solidarity with migrants and resist against alienation and serve as starting points for fights against sovereignty. These squats were created by those who dared to imagine their lives in different terms.

This ultimatum is complementary to the creation of new detention centers in Greece, to tortures and persecutions of those who disobey, of those who escaped war and seek refuge and of those who do not fit in the normative moulds of capitalism.

This ultimatum goes hand in hand with the so called development projects that intensify commodification and have as a result the rise of rents and the dislocation of local populations away from the city centres.

This ultimatum summarizes admirably all the well-known neoliberal state necropolitics: dispossession, exclusion, dislocation, impoverishment and death. Housing squats, collectives, social and political centers and people of the antiauthoritarian movement in greece stand against this declaration of war. Demonstrations are organized and several announcements were published declaring that the social movements are not to be blackmailed. They are here to stay and have no intention to negotiate with the representors of capitalistic brutality. If anything needs eviction is the brutality of neoliberalism from our everyday lives (and the planet).

We stand in solidarity with migrants and rebels, social centers, squats and all the people who fight against fascism, racism, sexism and capitalism barbarity around the world. We send our love to our comrades in greece and remind them that



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