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11th January 2020

Thousands of students demonstrated in front of Tehran's Amir Kabir and Sharif universities, against the regime's deception of the public on the Ukrainian airliner that the Revolutionary Guard shot down on Wednesday.

The rally quickly turned into an anti-state protest, and in various videos, students ask people to join them inside of the university and support them. At the same time, students and protesters gathered in several other Iranian cities, including Babol. Protesters are holding IRGC accountable for the crime committed by shooting the plane that resulted in taking over hundred lives. After a while heavy police forces were stationed in the streets of Tehran.

Protestors were chanting "They will take this ‘Hard Revenge’ on me and you" (referring to Khamenei's claim to take hard revenge on USA after Suleimani's kiliing). Also they were chanting slogans such as “Islamic Republic of Iran must go” "Liers, liers", "So many years of crime, down with Supreme Leader”, "Shame on Revolutionary Guard, leave the country alone" and "Down with dictator". “Down with Khamenei!”, “Khamenei shame on you, leave the country alone”, “Rohani shame on you, leave the country alone”, "Don't be afraid, we are all together!", "The State killed so many of us, be sure that the people will never support you!", "You have no shame!”.

At the last anti-state protests in Iran on NOV 2019, the regime killed over 1500 people in 3 days of demonstrations.

Thursday, 16 january at 19:00, polytechnio, GINI

Also we give our solidarity to local strugglers of self-organize community squats of koukaki


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