On 14/3/2020, the news program of STAR channel, which is a part of the general greek media mafia, controlled by known cocaine smuggler “Marinakis”, did show a propaganda video clip in reference to my public statement.

The news program of STAR channel, obviously tried to identify me publicly in the TV, as an terrorist. In the beginning of the video clip, two pictures of me(with cover faces) have been showed, which one of the pictures has anarchy symbol in the background. During the video clip, there is a clear manipulation on my words in the statement and in the same time, focus on my identity as an immigrant. Finally in the end, a journalist show up only to mention that I have been under research about terrorism.

The news program of STAR channel, connected three items in the video clip: Anarchism, Immigrants and Terrorism, which these items are exactly what greek oligarchy regime used them as propaganda to act about sociel security.

Why social security is a important point fot the state?

Because social security is the basic tool for the state to control the society. For us who have been lived in the middle east, it is very clear: If you need to control the society, you need to create a enemy, so you create a need for the society to have your protection from the enemy. Clearly what greek media mafia have showed until now as enemy are: Anarchists and Immigrants.

Materialistic results will show us:

A- The state did hard repression against anarchists but most of the society were silent about it.

B- The state Killed, imprisoned and deported the immigrants but most of the society were silent about it.

C-The state did anti terrorist operations against strugglers but again most of society were silent about it.

Most of the society were silent about them because the greek regime have done these actions in the name of social security, which means the media mafia did convince the society that these actions were done to protect the society, so channels like STAR, SKI, ALFA and others are partners with the state terrorism.

The reality is: all these actions by state were done to protect the bourgeoisie class not the society but the media mafia showed it as social security.

This is a important point to know that why people of islands could kicked MAT out of the islands but in exarchia still MAT are presence, because the greek media mafia could not convince the society that presence of MAT in the islands is for social security but the greek media mafia could convince the society about exarchia.

The successful struggles of people in the islands is a proof that POWER is necessary for resistance. In my opinion, power should exist in anarchy through anarchist organizations based on 4 main points: ideological and tactical unity, collective responsibility and federalism, which struggle for libertarian communism.

Covid-19 virus was like a gift from God(who actually does not exist) for greek oligarchy regime:

1-Hard repression against strugglers.

2-Shut down the universities.

3-Military occupation in all exarchia.

4-The news of immigrants struggles in evros is forgotten.

5-Oppression against prisoners, specially political prisoner.

Behind the propaganda cover of covid-19 virus, the greek regime is continue the attacks against oppressed and those who resistance. During the media propaganda on covid-19, many workers have been fired by bosses, the struggle of immigrants in evros has been forgotten and many other repressions happened, which are hidden behind the propaganda of covid-19 and many of these repressions were done by greek state throw excuse of covid-19 existence

Clearly, covid-19 is a tool, created by states to hide the global economic crises of capitalism and to postponed a very bigger economic crises, which will seriously effect the fate of earth

Covid-19 is not the first virus for such goals and it will not be last one. These virus are like a small painkiller for the big economic crisis of capitalism, which for a short time can take pain away but the very bigger crisis is coming that it can not be hidden by such viruses, these crises need big wars between the states and capitalism in order to survive will make these big wars

The only solution is social revolution

Abtin Parsa


Link of the video clip that was showed in the program news of STAR channel:


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