As soon as the prisoners in Thiva prisons announced their decision to continue their mobilization, they received the special treatment by powerful police forces, which had been supposedly hauled after yesterday’s uprising. And, as was made known, the cops sent many injured women to hospital.

However, last night’s mass and relentless beatings by the MAT (riot squad) who raided the prison, invaded the cells dragging and beating savagely the women, are unprecedented. Even an epileptic woman was hit fiercely on the head. It is obvious what is the answer of the ministry and of the prison management to the just demands of the prisoners. Even institutional agents* have made reports, few days prior to these events, about the appalling conditions in the prisons in Greece, about arbitrary detention, terrible incarceration conditions, overpopulation in prisons, police station and migrant detention centers, psychiatric wards etc. (* the Committee of the European Council for human rights, during their 10 day visit to Greece, report of the UN representative, Amnesty International about the death of the prisoner).

This morning the women who resisted and mobilized are going to be indited to the prosecutor. First in line is the political prisoner Pola Roupa.

10/4/2020 Eleonas, Thiva Prisons

από F 17/04/2020 3:28 μμ.

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