Urgent news from Domokos Prisons:

Prisons, the black holes of totalitarianism and dictatorship in the universe of contemporary representative democracy

In D Wing of Domokos prisons, special police forces along with the exterior guard raided Nikos Maziotis’ cell by order of the ministry. They handcuffed him as they messed up his cell, and as we were informed they told him that he was going to be held in disciplinary cells. We have no other information so far except that another prisoners’ cell, whose name we don't know, was also searched.

Moreover we know that there has been a decision by Domokos prisoners that they would begin mobilizations demanding the de-congestion of the prisons as of today Friday 17th of April. The response of the state and its mechanisms to the demand for de-congestion NOW, is revenge and repression against anything that is moving in a fighting direction. Their purpose is to terrorize and to totally impose the dogma ‘law and order’, a fundamental tool of imposition inside and outside of prison.

There will be further updates.

Solidarity Assembly to the members of Revolutionary Struggle


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Urgent news from Malandrino Prisons

Last night a bunch of guards invaded the ward where Giannis Michalidis is held in Z wing in Malandrino prisons. After making a mess of the ward, they departed without any findings. It should be stressed that the search was clearly targeting the comrade, since this was the only ward of the whole prison that a search took place. It is not a coincidence that this is taking place when many prisoners are claiming the de-congestion of prisons, as the ministry is turning the blind eye and mocking them.

Also, last night special police forces raided and took prisoner Vasilis Dimakis from his cell in D Wing of Korydallos prisons. A prisoner who is struggling for many years with all his might against the incarceration conditions in greek prisons.

Moreover, searches were made in Korydallos prison.

It is evident that the new far right leadership of the ministry of Justice in total collaboration with the ministry of Citizens Protection are going on an orgy of revenge and repression against any form of resistance that springs out from the detention centers. They are fooling the prisoners with false hopes at a time when the situation inside the prisons is more dangerous than ever. Let them know that prisoners are not alone and that their JUST demands are paving the way…



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Statement of prisoners in D2 Wing in Domokos Prisons:

As of today 17/4 the prisoners of Domokos prisons are beginning mobilizations demanding the de-congestion of the prisons as a preventative health measure in the face of the corona virus pandemic. We begin by refusing lock-down during lunch hours (12-3pm) and work and meals strike beginning from Tuesday 22/4.

We agree and support the demands made by women prisoners in Korydallos as well as in the women prisons in Eleonas, where the prisoners revolted on 9/4, after the death of prisoner Azize Deniroglu. As a response to the announced mobilizations, the ministry of Citizen Protection proceeded to make searches in the cells of D2 wing last night (the cells of Varelas and Maziotis), with the obvious purpose of intimidating us. At the same time, they made a punitive transfer of our fellow prisoner Dimakis from the D wing of Korydallos to Grevena prison as a reaction to the Korydallos prisoners mobilizations who are on work strike since 13/4.

It is clear that repression is the only answer of the ministry of Citizen Protection to the mobilizations of prisoners in Domokos, Korydallos, Eleonas, Chania and their spreading to Malandrino, Corfu. Repression began from the Korydallos women prisons, where the response to the lock-down refusal on 20/3 was to transfer Pola Roupa. Then there was the preventative transfer of Maziotis on 24/3 to Domokos prisons, followed by the riot police raid to stifle the revolt in Eleonas prisons after the death of prisoner Azize Deniroglu and it continues with the cell searches in Domokos and the transfer of Dimakis to Grevena prisons. The ministry, despite the announcements of the secretary of counter-crime policy Sofia Nikolaou who, during meetings with prisoners, promised to proceed to immediate de-congestion measures, proves that they have no intention to go ahead with this until prisoners start dying from the corona virus in prisons.

Prisoners of D2 Wing in Domokos Prisons


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