Appeal from the heart of the resistance in Idlib, under the rubble of the cities devastated by the fascist al-Assad

An international call from the Syrian resistance to fight together with the uprisings in USA, the strong struggle in France and the barricades in Greece.

Appeal from the heart of the resistance in Idlib, under the rubble of the cities devastated by the fascist al-Assad

Both in the US and Syria we are hit by the same enemy, We have to respond with the same fight

For a Day of International Fury! Let's take to the streets to the cry of Without justice there is no peace!


From the slaves of martyred Syria to the slaves of the metropolises that are revolted in the heart of the US and French imperialist beast:

This stinking capitalist system won't let us breathe! We are murdered here and in the US like our brother George Floyd. You and we are thousands of outcasts looking for a place to give our families a piece of bread and even that is denied to us.

In 2011, when we began our revolts against the most authoritarian regimes on the planet, many rich people in jackets and ties were shouting at us that what we needed was "electoral democracy." And they were obfuscated or attacked us when we set up the coordination committees with direct democracy.


Today, in the face of the murder of George Floyd, it has been clearly demonstrated that the “most democratic country in the world” does not respect even the skin color of its oppressed, whom it murders not only with its police. The highest proportion of deaths from COVID-19, are blacks and immigrants, because they were put to do the jobs most exposed to contagion, without personal protective equipment.

Today, you have rebelled, together with the whole of workers in the US, who can no longer endure the millions of layoffs, the lack of health insurance and housing. More than ever, we join with all our forces in that fight you are carrying out against American regime that loots and makes people starve.

You are suffocated by the police with their knees like the forces of the murderous state. Here they smother us with sarin and mustard gases with their agent Bashar, under the cloak of the Sochi peace accords between Erdogan and Putin, blessed by Trump. There you are evicted from their homes for not paying the mortgage or the rent. Here they are bombing us out leaving our homes dusty and rubble, therefore without justice against Assad there is no Peace.

You have been ripped from your homeland in Africa and taken as slaves to the fiercest imperialist state. Our luck here in Syria is similar in that bombings have destroyed our homes and they use us as slave labor in Turkey and in different parts of Europe.

We are united with you a thousand ties more than what we can have in common with the bourgeois generals of the military factions in the liberated territories, who have only dedicated themselves to doing business at the cost of our blood and our hunger and have given in our rebel cities one by one.

We see the brightness of the flame of our revolution in the revolts that are taking place throughout various states of the United States. Their success will be key for us to being able to fulfill our demands for a decent life. The same American State with its weapons and soldiers have occupied our territory, plundered our oil and annihilated hundreds of thousands of brothers and sisters. There we will avenge all our martyrs, George Floyd as well as the 600 thousand slaughtered by al-Assad on behalf of Wall Street!

So today more than ever we must be a single fist hitting in unison, because if you are hanged there, we will soon stop breathing.

We call our Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian, Lebanese, Palestinian, Yemeni brothers, our brother refugees in Europe, our brothers the black vests, the African-American workers and the entire American working class, and every worker who wants to defeat this system, to fight together. Let's make a Day of Fury against the oppression exercised by those who have the most against those who have nothing.

We have plenty of reason to be furious. Let's take a breath and scream together: “We can't breathe anymore in this filthy system! Fear changed sides! If there is no justice, there will never be peace!! ”

Without homes, there will be no peace!

Without freedom for prisoners to fight, there will be no peace!

Without living wages, there will be no peace!

Without health or medicine, there will be no peace!

As long as there are invaders in our lands, as long as they continue to create thousands of refugees, as long as they continue to plunder the riches of the planet for the benefit of the powerful, they will never, never have peace!

The peoples want the fall of their regimes ... in the Middle East, in the US and in France!


Editorial Committee of the newspaper The Truth of the Oppressed from the trenches of the Syrian revolution

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