Hot July in the US

Alongside the black movement, the working class openly enters the fray The powerful American proletariat has entered the torrent of struggle.

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Hot July in the US

Alongside the black movement, the working class openly enters the fray

The powerful American proletariat has entered the torrent of struggle.

Along with the dozens of workers' struggles that cross the country, tomorrow, July 20, a national strike is being called. Service employees, alongside fast food workers, and gig workers of the apps, various teacher federations across the country, farmworkers, workers fighting for $ 15 an hour, aviation workers, rebel youth organizations will be part of this day, which will take place in various cities. The demand leading the strike is Black Lives Matter, the fight against racism, accompanied by a wage increase for all workers and measures to protect against covid. At the same time, different sectors of the labor movement, such as the workers in meat-packing plants, automobile companies, nurses in the hospitals, etc., are fighting against employers and transnational corporations. In Detroit, at the heart of the auto industry, workers at Fiat-Chrysler, GM and Ford refuse to attend their jobs and stop the production line to avoid further exposure to Covid 19, calling to put standing security committees, since thousands are infected and dozens deceased. The workers of the meat packing and refrigerators plants also suffer from the greed and carelessness of the meat employers with 30,000 contagions throughout the industry. The workers of transnational JBS, Tyson Foods, Smithfield, etc., have already stopped production. In Illinois, nurses who have already lost more than 800 co-workers from Covid-19 are going on their first strike in more than 25 years. On the east coast, in the state of Maine, with strike pickets and a 27-day strike, the workers of the Bath Iron Works shipyard, which build the destroyers of the United States Navy, are fighting against the precariousness that this transnational wants to impose on them, while it has received millions of dollars in tax cuts from the state and now seeks to precarize. All these combats put on the order of the day the fight to conquer the General Revolutionary Strike, which calls into question who owns the house: if the black people, the workers and the combative youth of the United States or the imperialist butchers and parasites of Wall Street. This perspective is the one that is opening the fight for "black lives matter", the fight for the dissolution of the police, etc. It is necessary to coordinate and centralize the assemblies, the pickets, the factory committees and all the organizational bodies that the masses have stood up to fight in a great National Struggle Committee and prepare and organize the General Strike!


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