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July 19th- U.S

Revolutionary days in Portland, Oregon

Black workers and rebellious youth don´t leave the streets

Since May 25, the date George Floyd was assassinated, the protests and protests in Portland have not stopped. Exploited youth and the black movement have won the streets every night for almost two months. We are facing real revolutionary days with open clashes against the police and the para-police and fascist gangs that are beginning to raise their heads attacking the rebel youth. Even the exploited youth managed to take the center of the city for a few hours in the early hours of Saturday, July 11. That's why this week Trump sent police of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), a ministry of the United States Government that has the responsibility of protecting the American territory from terrorist attacks and responding to natural disasters. Chad Wolf, Acting Secretary of the DHS, denounced that Portland was "under siege for 47 consecutive days by a violent mob". The intervention of federal officials is wild. They act as paramilitary gangs, dressed in fajina, kidnapping protesters in cars without identification. There are several detainees and even a young man, Donovan LaBella, was wounded with a can of tear gas that was shot in the head, causing a skull fracture. Democrats, who govern the State of Oregon and the city of Portland, came out to denounce the intervention of federal agents sent by Trump. "We were seeing things calm down, but the intervention of federal officials reignited tensions" said Mayor Wheeler, fearful of a jump in the protests. That is why, while targeting Trump, they launch the Portland police against the mobilizations, as happened on July 16, where a protest in front of the courts ended with twenty detainees. The mobilizations and protests do not stop. Black workers and rebellious youth do not leave the streets. Freedom to political prisoners! No trust in the Democratic Party Governor, chief of the Portland's murderous police and Trump's accomplice in his attack on the workers and exploited! Fascism is not to be debated, it is to be smashed! For self-defense committees, strike pickets, and militia of black people, workers, and youth across Oregon to defeat state repressive forces and crush fascists! They must be centralized and generalized at the national level!


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