The first case of Covid-19 has been found in Moria. For months, initiatives,collectives ,groups and people in europe and other parts of the world have warned about the inevitability, and for months, the greek state and europe did not react despite multiple call outs and campaigns. Whilst in multiple countries there are tests, lock downs and other measures in place to stop the spread of the virus, in Moria it seems to be mostly focused on making lives of the migrants more miserable. It seems to be that it is not europe's priority to ensure people have safe, sanitary housing where it is possible to carry out social distancing?

The situation was avoidable from the start. The treacherous conditions people on the move find themselves in are an intentional result of eu policy. Instead of answering the calls for evacuation, the greek state and the european union at large consciously leave people in a situation where they know it is impossible to uphold any of the measures that are in place in most of the world to stop the spread of covid-19.

Instead, a clinic that was build for the sole purpose of treating people with symptoms of covid-19 was closed. As the first case inside Moria was found, the scenario that a lot of people has feared would happen has come, and europe's intentions are once again made clear. This, among the pushbacks, increased right wing tendencies and increased violence, is the current situation at the borders of fortress europe.

This is the new normal.

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