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The Truth of the Oppressed emergency appeal

Devastating fire sweeps through Greece's Moria Syrian refugee camp

The workers' organizations of Greece and all of Europe must take up the struggle of immigrants and refugees now!

Open the borders! Full documents and rights for refugees and immigrants! Housing and decent work for everybody!


A devastating fire was unleashed and it devastated one of the largest refugee camps in Europe, the Moria camp, located on the island of Lesvos, Greece. The conditions in this camp are subhuman. 13,000 refugees live there completely crammed in a place that was built for 3,000 people. Many live in tents, side by side, in families of six. In fact there is a water tap for every 1,300 people, a shower for 240 people and a toilet for 170 people. There is not enough health care or basic products.

There are no minimum hygiene conditions, which prepared an environment favorable to the spread of the coronavirus. Last week Moria registered its first positive case of COVID-19 and 35 more were immediately detected, all of them were put into isolation, but it is estimated that the cases have multiplied.

Fire and terrible devastation are a consequence of these extremely precarious housing conditions. The fire quickly spread through the camp and the refugees were forcibly evacuated in order to save their lives. But they lost even what little they had. Thousands upon thousands of refugees are now roaming the island of Lesvos in the open, with absolutely nothing, amid the pandemic.

That is how Syriza left them first and New Democracy now, in these terrible conditions, at the mercy of the constant attack and harassment of fascist gangs and now the fire has devoured everything. Syriza locked them up, starved them to death, exploited them like animals, while imprisoning the young people who defended them and the fascists were free, and now New Democracy is busting them.

The refugees escaped the genocide perpetrated in Syria by the fascist al-Assad on account of all the imperialist powers. They risked their lives crossing the sea to find a place where they and their families could have a decent life. The imperialist powers of Maastricht closed their borders and put them to live in these concentration camps. They are responsible for the fire that devastated Moria and the refugees' situation today!

The workers' organizations have left the refugees to their fate under imperialist EU and the torments of the fascist gangs that are mobilizing to break the heads of anyone who does not submit to these open-air prisons the refugee camps are. The CP, which runs the trade union organizations in Greece, continues to look the other way on purpose. They defended the Greek parliament by clubbing the young people who demonstrated in the streets, they openly supported al-Assad, the perpetrator of the massacre that destroyed the refugees' houses and lives in Syria. Enough of the silence from the workers' organizations!

From The Truth of the Oppressed we make an emergency call to all workers' organizations in Greece and throughout Europe. They must lead the fight for the right to decent housing, health, the opening of borders, decent work with a salary equal to the family basket for all, and all the papers and rights for refugees and immigrants. The same class, the same struggle of the entire European working class! Refugees must be affiliated as honorary members of the unions!

For a Health Committee guaranteed by the unions! Decent housing now for the refugees of Moria!

Thousands and thousands of refugees are out in the open on the island of Lesvos, but this also happens in Athens and other Greek cities… There is no time to lose!


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