September 26, 2020

6 years after the disappearance of the Ayotzinapa teaching school students

Greeting from Cristian Centeno Guerrero, father of Jesús Centeno Guiñez, Chilean political prisoner.

“Friends, my name is Cristian Centeno Guerrero, father of Jesús Centeno Guiñez, a political prisoner here in Chile. We want, I want and we want to send you a very fraternal greeting, full of love, strength and justice so that you can find your children. Greetings with all our heart for Mexico, so that you find your children. Strength, friends! "

Greeting from Marcelo, Chile, victim of ocular trauma by police attack

Hello, my name is Marcelo and I am a victim of ocular trauma by the police and the Chilean State. From here I send you a fraternal greeting, a lot of energy and hope in your search. And I demand from the Mexican government the appearance of the 43 comrades who disappeared 6 years ago. Strongly rejecting all abuse, rape, murder and cover-up by the Mexican government. Because we want them alive! I send you a lot of energy, strength Latin American people

Greeting from Lourdes Hidalgo, survivor of the massacre at Luis Viale St., Buenos Aires clandestine workshop.

"We are not complete! We are missing the 43 teaching school students from Ayotzinapa! From Argentina we send our big hug to all the relatives of the 43 teaching school students of Ayotzinapa. Enough of forced disappearance! "

Greeting from Cristina, mother of Facundo Castro who was disappeared and murdered by the Buenos Aires, Argentine police.

“Hello, good afternoon, my name is Cristina Castro, mother of Facundo José Astudillo Castro, who was disappeared and killed by the Buenos Aires police of Villarino district in the province of Buenos Aires in Argentina. From here my support and my solidarity for all of Mexico, for the parents of the children that on September 26, 2014 those 43 students were disappeared by the forces. It should not have been like that, we wait for their prompt appearance, we ask for justice, we ask for these 43 students to appear alive. To Mr. Mario González, father of Cesar Manuel González, all my support, all my solidarity for all the parents of the 43 disappeared from here from Argentina, my support, my respect and, Reappearance alive NOW! May this never happen again, to any student or anyone. May the NEVER MORE be EVER MORE, seriously! From Argentina and Mexico united, in one person, in one voice. JUSTICE FOR ALL! Thanks, bye."

Greetings from Alberto Santillán father of Darío Santillán murdered by the Duhalde police in Avellaneda Massacre on June 26, 2002

“I am Alberto Santillán, father of Darío Santillán assassinated on June 26, 2002 together with Maximiliano Kosteki in the so-called "Avellaneda Massacre". At that time, Eduardo Duhalde was the president and Felipe Solá the governor, those murderers nowadays still walk free with total impunity guaranteed by the "justice". I want to send a big hug to the parents and mothers of the 43 missing students; I know It’s been 6 years, in this long journey I have been lucky enough to share some moments with some parents and mothers and understand that all the struggles are one, and sometimes the words are not enough, but sometimes the body has to be put on the streets because we know the streets are where we get true justice. I tell you again, from all my support, from my family, from my comrades, THEY WERE TAKEN ALIVE, WE WANT THEM BACK ALIVE! I hope you strength comrades, plenty of strength. "

Greetings from María Isabel Huala, mother of Facundo Jones Huala, a political prisoner in the prisons of Chile

“Hello to everyone from Mapuche territory, from Lof Huala Hué, I am María Isabel Huala and I want to send a hug to the parents of the 43 disappeared 6 years ago in Ayotzinapa, I wish you strength and say, the struggle continues! justice for everybody! A fraternal hug for all of you "

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