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USA January 14, 2021

US imperialist pirates’ slavery democracy in crisis...

Trump failed in his attempt at a proto-fascist putsch aiming to take over Capitol Hill and force new elections

Wall Street voted for Biden

The proto-fascist putsch failed, but the imperialist "democracy" shields itself with the armed forces - which yesterday invaded Iraq and Afghanistan - "defending" the Capitol. These rifles, like the police's ones yesterday in the Trump putsch, are and will be aimed at the masses. They are not to shoot at Trump's gang and his henchmen. They are stained by the blood of the workers and the oppressed peoples that the US pirates torment in the whole planet.

The Democratic Party of Biden and the Zionist Sanders, supported by the union bureaucracies and the reformist left, took out the masses from the streets, leading them into the electoral trap. They pulled the masses out of the fight and now the fascists are winning the streets… A vile trap.

The difference that Trump and the Republicans have with Biden and the Democrats, while discussing their business, is which is the best way to defeat the masses and how the US can regain control of politics and the world market – since it has moved backwards - and oppressed peoples. This is what the crisis at the top in the USA is all about.

The American working class cannot be subdued or tie its fate to the Democratic Party, the "human face" of the Wall Street gangs of looters of the world and bosses of the police, those murders of the black people!

We must fight imperialism to fight fascism!

The command-in-chief of the murderous imperialist armed forces of NATO and the Pentagon have already stated that they only recognize Joe Biden as their “46th commander-in-chief”.

You will not fight against fascism in the US if you do not fight for the destruction and defeat of the five Pentagon commands, from where the 5 continents are controlled manu military to guarantee super-profits to the 1% of parasites on the planet that are carrying the civilization to barbarism.

For the American working class, the fight against fascism means to expropriate the 16 giants of the world elite, who control business and looting the entire planet, with their vast majority based in the United States. They have assets of more than $ 41 trillion. They won with Trump, and they will keep and increase their profits with Biden. They will preserve Trump's fascist gangs to crush the revolutionary struggle of the masses. Subjected to the Democratic Party, the working class and black people have nothing to gain.

Let’s return to the path of the struggle in Minnesota, Portland, Seattle, and in Washington when we sent Trump and his Praetorian Guard underground to the White House basement!

Workers, black people and rebel youth's militias to crush the fascists, dissolve the murderous police and confront the transnationals, so that by the method of the proletarian revolution the bankers, the capitalists and the financial oligarchy are made to pay for the crisis of unemployment, hunger, misery and death!

Immediate and unconditional freedom for Mummia Abu Jamal and all political prisoners for fighting! Workers' and Popular Courts to judge and punish all the murderers and repressors of the workers and the black people!

The forces of the workers and the black people of the US are not in their alliance with the Democrats, their "democratic" executioners, but in the alliance with the workers and the oppressed peoples of the world in revolt.For the working class to live, imperialism must die!


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