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On this 10th anniversary of the Syrian revolution: Everyone on the streets!

Bread, housing and freedom will come from the hand of the workers and the poor people in power!


Ten years have passed since our revolution began. The workers and a heroic and selfless people have suffered the worst martyrdom, genocide, famine and repression. Millions of refugees are already, like the Palestinian people, real landless outcasts.

Our rebel Syria has been divided and occupied by foreign troops. The fascist al-Assad, supported by the US imperialists and Putin, is still in Damascus. In the rear, the bayonets of Turkey and of the generals of the FSA and the HTS, attack the insurgent people from behind.

In 2021, the conditions of hunger and misery in Syria remain unchanged. Lines of 12 hours to get some bread in the areas of the regime. Persecution, hunger and misery in Idlib. It was too much! Enough is enough!

No more hunger, no more lack of work, food and fuel! No more bombing by Assad and Russia! Enough of HTS and al-Assad’s jails full of political prisoners!

Enough of making us feel guilty for holding a gun to defend us from the bombs of the dog Bashar, Putin and the US pirates, who destroyed our cities, our homes and massacred our families.

Enough of the so-called "left" or "anti-imperialist" organizations that, together with the governments of foreign powers and the bourgeoisie around the world, have isolated our revolution and treat us as "terrorists".

No more Turkish, Russian, Iranian and US troops on Syrian soil!

Enough of the aggression of the Iranian Islamic Guard! They are a force of mercenaries who support Al Assad in Damascus and repress and massacre the workers and the rebellious Iranian people.

Enough of the infamous pact of the millionaire Kurdish bourgeoisie and the PKK with the genocidal Al Assad! They subjected the Kurdish people to the 9 US military bases installed in Rojava.

We learned that the "democratic" transitions that have been proclaimed since the conferences in Geneva, Sochi and Astana only bring more hunger and death as in Tunisia, Egypt or Sudan. With this "transition" scam they want to deceive us today to perpetuate this regime of occupation and terror against the Syrian workers and masses. Cynically, the executioners of the peoples want to "change something" so that everything stays the same. The "transition" is an infamous pact between the murdering generals of Assad, the invading troops and the businessmen of the Sunni bourgeoisie.

We learned that the UN and its governments are only good at selling slaves to Europe, or simply drowning them at sea, as in Libya. We saw them and their NGOs offering a miserable plate of food to cities fenced for months to surrender and force us to hand over our rifles.

Absolutely all those who today occupy and govern the partitioned Syria, are the same who maintained or did business during this time with al-Assad who did the "dirty work" for all of them.

We know perfectly well what the authorities are like under the tutelage of US imperialism, which murdered a million Iraqis; or its Zionist gendarme state who intimidates with bullets every Palestinian rebelling.

We learned that many manipulated our beliefs and religion at their convenience to line their pockets and get us away from the path of revolution. We learned from many false allies, such as the FSA generals or HTS.

We will go forward today more than ever, though with 10 years of experience. Coordinated, determined, ready to defend our mothers, brothers, fathers, to defend what little we have conquered in order to recover everything.

We will fight again in Damascus! We will return to Homs, to Daraa, to Ghouta, to Duma...! We will return because there, our brothers, the workers and oppressed, have begun to rise up against hunger and for bread! We’ll come back because we’re already there! Because today’s rebellious youth, who lived their childhood in the war, refuse to be recruited by al- Assad’s fascist army in the occupied areas to massacre their brothers. We will return to stand the brigades and open the fronts because we already face in the rear the millionaire businessmen who sell our people out for a few coins! We rebuild the Front against Al Assad as in 2011! That is the way for the Kurdish people to conquer their right to national self-determination.

This March 15 we call on everyone to win the streets to finish getting rid of everyone who opposes that 25 million of us can live with dignity. For the freedom of our prisoners, justice for our martyrs, to have bread, not to be forced into the criminal army. We must win the streets and spread rebellion in the refugee camps to reclaim our homes, usurped and stolen by the fascist dog al-Assad and his henchmen.

Occupation troops, mercenaries, traitors, jailers, repressors, dictators, henchmen, forms of government... all this must be purged.

The people, their martyrs, their prisoners and their conviction of victory must triumph.

Down with the Geneva, Astana and Sochi conferences!

The only possible transition to eating and living is to recover the oil stolen by the US oil companies, plus Total and British Petroleum, looting Syria. We must seize the wealth and property of the country’s ruling elites who were enriched by war and the martyrdom of the people. The bankers must be expropriated and the Central Bank must be taken over in order to be able to give the people bread and return them houses and land.

The only possible transition is the expulsion of all the invading troops from Syria, the fall of Bashar and his entire infamous regime and the crushing of his fascist, mercenary and counter-revolutionary troops. The only possible transition to triumph is the rise of the working class to power, supported by the organs of self-determination and armament such as the Coordinating Committees that we will set up again.

Ten years after the start of the Syrian revolution, the Maghreb and the Middle East are once again on fire!

New revolutionary uprisings in the region give new impetus to our revolution.

Therefore, to strengthen our struggle, we call to fight alongside the masses of Iraq, Lebanon, Tunisia, Sudan, Algeria; together with the heroic resistance and intifada of the Palestinian people against Zionism. We are brothers of the Yemeni resistance against the reign of the British Petroleum and its puppet, the Saudi monarchy. We embrace the poor people of Iran who rise up against that infamous regime of Iranian theocracy. There are the forces to finish defeating together the counter-revolutionary Islamic Guard that also holds the fascist dog al-Assad in Syria.

The struggle for the freedom of our prisoners is the same struggle for the freedom of all political prisoners in the region and the world. The jailer is the same: the puppet governments and regimes of imperialism and the oppressors. The enemy is the same: the imperialist oil companies and the bankers who steal our wealth.

Throughout the Maghreb and the Middle East, a single Intifada!

For Bread, Freedom and National Independence: Let the Regimes Fall! We must expel Zionism and all the invading troops from Syria and the Middle East!

For our peoples to live, imperialism must die!

Editorial Board of the paper The Truth of the Oppressed


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