Komotini, Greece - Taking Responsibility by Arsonist Faction Commando Mauricio Morales

On 27/2 at dawn, we set fire to 2 ATMs (one of Piraeus Bank and one of the National Bank) in the city centre resulting in their complete destruction. An act of solidarity to the political prisoner Dimitris Koufontinas who faces the maniacal vengeance of state mechanisms and Bakogiannis family who has taken power in the last two years.

We are on the verge of having the first dead hunger striker in Europe after the state murder of Bobby Sands and 10 other members of the IRA in the English prisons 40 years ago with Margaret Thatcher in charge.Dimitris Koufontinas is an unrepentant revolutionary continuing with coherence his active struggle all the years he has been captive in the cells of "Democracy". As such, he could only be embraced by the people of the movement.

The solidarity activities that took place and continue to take place for him, are a small taste of what awaits you if something happens to him.If you act with vengeance we will also do so for our part.

Hopefully with our incendiary attack we can give him a little warmth and strength to continue his struggle.


Arsonist Faction Commando Mauricio Morales


Original text in Greek here: https://athens.indymedia.org/post/1610968/

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