Berlin: Attack against equipment supplier of greek police and border patrols

A base of car dealer Nissan was attacked with fire in Berlin. 20 jeeps are destroyed. This is a translation of a claim from german counter-information pages.

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No Border No Nation – Fire at a defense company in Berlin

Nissan is one of the largest internationally active manufacturers of operation vehicles for police forces, private security companies and the military. At the moment, vans and off-road vehicles from the Japanese group are products that stand up to the competition on the market.

For example, the Hellenic Police recently announced that it would make the Nissan Qashqai the new main model of its vehicle fleet. 790 of these jeeps have been ordered from Nissan. (1) They will be used especially for border protection in rural areas, but also for special units such as "OPKE". Furthermore, the ND (Nea Demokratia) regime has ordered new and smaller vans from Nissan in order to show more presence in the winding streets of the cities, where the hunt for people is no less intense.

On these vehicles is the blood of countless people, to whom the EU and the Greek state offer nothing but jail and death on their escape routes. Also the blood of our comrades, which resist the new junta. And so the blood is also on the hands of those responsible at Nissan. We will make them pay dearly for this.

In Germany, too, the war against migrants continues unabated. Just last Wednesday, hundreds of people were deported to Afghanistan via Berlin. To a country whose population has been brought into one bloody conflict after another, which has cost countless people their lives, not only since September 11, 2001. We are not interested in whether a country is "safe" or "unsafe", we reject the idea of its borders and everything that goes along with them.

Therefore, in the first hours of 14/4/21, we entered the premises of the Nissan base on Wendenschloss Street in Berlin-Köpenick and caused a fire that disabled or destroyed twenty new vehicles, mostly SUVs.

Greetings to all who are trying to break the European borders.

To all those who have been taking to the streets for months against the fascist methods of Nea Dimokratia.

To the airport blockers in Schönefeld and all the determined ones like those in Hannover (2) who make the deportation authorities pay dearly.

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By the way, the Greek government is spending a total of 31,000,000 euros on the most extensive procurement program for its police force in years, of which the EU is contributing just under 6,000,000 euros:

(2) Translators note:

(source: and http://kontrpolioglnxrcdwwxfszih4pifyidfjgq4ktfdu6uh4nn35vjtuid.onion/3225/ )


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