Call for strong action against Turkish fascism

Last Friday april the 23rd, the Turkish army launched a new ground operation in the regions of Avaşîn, Metîna and Zap to occupy more parts of Southern Kurdistan. The guerrillas are resisting Turkey’s occupation ambitions and have launched a revolutionary counteroffensive. It is time to move to a long-term militant internationalist offensive!

In the last days and weeks there have already been various actions targeting infrastructure, arms industry, banks and financiers and parts of the industrial-military complex, some examples:

13.2 Attack with paint and stones on Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt am Main.

2.3 Breaking of glass with hammers at Allianz in Leipzig

18.3 Attack with paint on Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt

23.3 Attack with paint and stones against Allianz office in Leipzig

11.4 Arson attack on DB Schenker truck by revenge unit Şehîd Sara Dorşîn in Berlin

21.4 Plate tires, paint and acid on Thyssen-Krupp car in Frankfurt

22.4 Attack with paint on car of German embassy in Basel

22.4 Attack on car of Turkish fascist in Basel

24.4 Arson attack on Siemens car in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt

25.4 Bitumen attack on Commerzbank in Nuremberg

It is time to intensify the antifascist resistance and the struggle against Turkish fascism!

The capitalist system is in crisis, offensively and determinedly it is questioned worldwide. The consequences of environmental destruction can no longer be ignored. Revolutionary, ecological and social movements relate to each other strengthen each other and understand themselves more and more as an international movement against the murdering, torturing and oppressive structures of patriarchy, fascism of state power and capital. Impressive examples of this are the worldwide feminist awakening and the ecology movement.

The response of capitalism is reaction. Fascist tendencies and regimes are spreading all over the world. To secure its power, capitalism resorts to the solution strategy of fascism. Whether in Turkey, Brazil, Europe or India, nationalist, racist and authoritarian forces provide governments in many places. At the same time, they represent important allies and business partners for the highly capitalist states. Representing their interests and opening up new markets for them.

It is hard to deny that capitalist rule is destroying our livelihood, exploiting us and this planet, and seeking to reduce human existence to that of servants and customers.

The future that this system has to offer us is not a future, it is a cage! It is the decay of the good and beautiful life!

Through the Kurdish freedom movement, an alternative to the capitalist system is being built in self-management with the basic pillars of women’s liberation, ecology and democracy. Many of our dreams and desires are lived there and put into practice.

The revolution in Rojava challenges the alleged lack of alternatives of the system to such an extent that the leading imperialist states, which agree on little, are united by the struggle against the achievements that have been fought for in Rojava.

For the patriarchy, the women’s revolution in Kurdistan is one of the biggest threats in the world, whether authoritarian chauvinist or seemingly liberal, everything is done to destroy the achievements.

But not with us! Not without us standing up against it!

We know that another world is possible, we feel it in mutual solidarity, in common life and struggles and in common organizing. We see it in the fought for free spaces, occupied houses, house projects, neighborhood organizing and forest occupations. We see it in Chiapas and in Kurdistan, where a countervailing power has been built that teaches the regimes in Mexico and Turkey to be afraid.

We see it in the struggles of our companions worldwide and we feel a connection through these struggles!

If Turkish fascism and the imperialist states succeed in destroying the revolution in Rojava, it will hit the revolutionary movement worldwide hard.

The revolution in Rojava is one of the practical examples that a different form of social coexistence is possible.

After the attacks on Rojava in Afrin in 2018 and Serekaniye in 2019, the war continued. Drone attacks and artillery shelling on Rojava are constantly reported, again and again the jihadist mercenaries of the so-called “Syrian National Army”, supported by Turkey, try to advance further.

The threat that is coming to the population of Rojava is obvious, expulsion, murder, genocide.

The Kurdish liberation movement is under constant attack. The attacks on Heftanin last year, the failed offensive in Gare in February, and the current attacks

serve to destroy the political force that brought about the Rojava revolution.

The attacks on PKK and PAJK are attacks on the heart of the revolution!

In the resistance of Heftanin last year and the repulsed attack on Gare in February this year, the guerrillas have shown that the resistance can be successful even against a NATO army equipped with the most modern war technology.

Resistance in Turkey’s cities has become massive over the past year. The “Children of Fire” and YPS and YPS-Jin act as urban guerrillas against the structures of the military-industrial complex in Turkey. There are constant actions and attacks against the logistics and industry of Turkish fascism.

In Rojava, lessons have been learned from the attacks of the last years, and the concept of collective self-defense has become more widespread.

The dedication and determination shown by the friends in Rojava and the defense areas should be an example for us!

After the militant offensive in Europe in the course of #fightforafrin in which massive attacks were carried out on the infrastructure of capital and Turkish fascism in Europe, the activities here in Europe have stalled.

But it is time to fight this fight again with full force, it is time to target one of the most disgusting fascist system of our time and its supporters in Europe!

Lately, the European countries are getting closer again to the Turkish fascism. It is about financial benefits and the crushing of a movement that stands in the way of the status quo and does not allow “business as usual” in the rule of the capitalist system.

The EU is also concerned with the huge profits that jump out for the companies of the EU states through arms sales to the AKP regime of Erdogan together with the Turkish fascists of the MHP. The Turkish regime is in a crisis, financially and politically, it is dependent on the support of the imperialist states, which ,calculating and profit-oriented as they are, grant this support.

Thereby, the European imperialism becomes the support of a racist, fascist, misogynist and homo/transphobic regime!

We do not abandon our friends, we know where the enemies of freedom are, we know where the accomplices of Turkish fascism are.

The revolution in Kurdistan is also our revolution!

The weapons that kill our friends in Rojava, Kurdistan and all over the world are produced here in Europe.

The political support is organized here and the investments that keep the shaky Turkish economy on its feet come from European banks, insurance and global investment funds.

We will show them that they are not safe anywhere!

That’s why we call for the internationalist offensive #fight4revolution, as a militant contribution to #smashturkishfascism.

Whether militant attacks, civil disobedience actions or demonstrations, any means is legitimate to end this madness and make those responsible feel our anger and make them pay!

The targets are manifold, whether the arms industry, the military-industrial complex, financial institutions that rake in their billions with arms exports and investments or collaborating parties and structures of Turkish fascism here in Europe.

They all have the blood of our friends and comrades in Kurdistan on their hands!

It is important that we have a long breath, that we emphasize on continuous attacks in our actions and that our interventions become a permanent danger for the murderous structures of Turkish fascism and this system!

Therefore, it is now time to open a front against the European imperialism and thereby to carry the confrontation to where it belongs, to the heart of the war, to Europe.

We will not accept their lies any longer!

We will defend our dreams!

We have come to fight back for our future!

Fight imperialism! Fight fascism!


#Fight4Revolution #Smashturkishfascism

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