Long live the uprising of the Palestinian masses throughout their historic territory!

Faced with the brutal murderous attack of Zionismto advance its occupation… Palestinian rise in the entire territory

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Faced with the brutal murderous attack of Zionismto advance its occupation…

Long live the uprising of the Palestinian masses throughout their historic territory!

For the destruction of the genocidal Zionist-fascist State of Israel!

Weapons and effective solidarity with Gaza massacred by the war planes and bombs of the Fascist State of Israel!

This 73rd anniversary of the Nakba (expulsion of the Palestinian people from their lands by Zionism in 1947/1948) finds the Palestinian people in revolt against the Zionist occupier throughout their historical territory. The epicenter is Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine, in response to a Zionist attack on the Al-Aqsa Mosque (the third holiest mosque for Islam) and the eviction of 500 Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. The settlers wanted to advance the occupation of this city and apply Trump and Netanyahu's plan, today commanded by Biden, of occupying it directly as their capital, but they found a huge uprising that spread from Jerusalem to the entire West Bank, to Gaza and also to the Palestinian cities that they have occupied since 1948, like Haifa, Lod, Jaffa, Nazareth, to name a few.

The Palestinian masses are not willing to accept a new Nakba, which is what Zionism was looking for! They also don´t accept the UN's and imperialism “two-state” plan, which the Palestinian bourgeoisie subscribed. The PLO promised that with a seat in the United Nations assembly and the recognition of a Palestinian state on par with Zionism, the hardships of the Palestinian people would end ... and today the results are seen: the Zionist occupation deepens, hunger rages especially in Gaza, the siege is fierce, and the Covid-19 pandemic rages while the settlers are all vaccinated. Against all this, escaping the control of the Palestinian bourgeoisie whose forces are far from confronting Zionism and are to maintain the "two-state" plan, the Palestinian masses have risen up. They know that they can´t have bread without expelling the Zionist occupier.

We must destroy the Zionist state, occupant of the Palestinian nation, to recover Jerusalem and all the usurped territory!

Against this uprising, the Biden government, which assumed the presidency with a "peace" speech, applauds and commands its Zionist gendarme in its brutal repression of the marches in the West Bank and in its genocidal attack bombing Gaza. There are already 209 deads in total and thousands of wounded. It´s the fascist force whose main objective is to stop this uprising, but it hasn´t yet been able to do so. The reason is the forces that have awakened throughout Palestine are enormous, as well as the marches that have come out in solidarity in different cities worldwide, such as Chicago, London, Berlin, Sydney, Cape Town, Paris, Bogotá, Madrid, just to mention a few.

Hamas has responded by firing missiles on the Zionist state, in a race against time to gain authority before the masses by showing that they are the armed wing that will confront Zionism, but they keep that weaponry away from the masses, who continue to march unarmed. On the other hand, the PLO today has lost social support for being openly collaborationist, launching its police against the masses to prevent confrontations against the occupier in addition to having its jails full of fighters for the Palestinian cause. It´s already clear that the PLO maintains weapons not to confront Zionism but to direct them to the Palestinian people and impose the agreements of the “two states”.

The Palestinian people today are fighting to defeat Zionism as they did in 2006 in southern Lebanon, and kick it out once and for all. The fight is house to house. The Zionist settlers are all armed. So, the Palestinian masses must also all be armed and all the weaponry of the Palestinian organizations must be at the masses disposal: each man a rifle to confront the Zionists!

For the destruction of the Zionist-fascist state of Israel! For a free, secular, democratic and non-racist Palestine, from the Jordan River to the sea, with its capital in Jerusalem!

Weapons and effective solidarity with the Gaza massacred by the fascist State of Israel's aviation and bombings! All those who confront the occupier must be recognized as a belligerent army and send them weapons,military equipment and supplies.

The Palestinian bourgeoisie cannot be allowed to lead the destiny of the fight against the occupation. For a Palestinian national assembly of elected delegates 1 in 10,000 from Gaza, the West Bank, Jerusalem, every uprising occupied Palestinian city and from Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and the entire diaspora! Only the working class and the exploited can lead this fight and guarantee these measures in a workers' and peasants' government.

The Palestinian masses opened the fronts of the same revolution throughout the Maghreb and the Middle East

Let's open the borders to go and fight in Palestine, supply the resistance with weapons, medicines, etc. to recover Jerusalem and all the usurped territory, destroying that gendarme of imperialism that is the state of Israel! From southern Lebanon and Jordan, countries hosting generations of Palestinian refugees, they are already going to the borders with Palestine, to tear down the Zionist fences and fight to regain their land. Last Friday, thousands of people marched and crossed into Palestine, facing off against the Zionist army.

But the Arab bourgeoisies again showed their true nature by separating the Arab masses in each country, crushing them when they rise up. The Jordanian king sent his repressive forces to try to prevent the march of Palestinian refugees and Jordanians to the border, but the exploited still made their way. Hezbollah tried to stop the mobilization at the border, while its leader Hassan Nasrallah declared that they are not the ones who are trying to break the peace on the border and it´s not their intention to do so. Al Sisi continues to guard the Rafah wall with his army and uphold the Camp David pact to recognize and sustain Zionism.

It´s already clear that it´s the Arab bourgeoisies that guard Zionism's borders. Hezbollah, Al Assad, Putin, the Iranian ayatollahs, dedicated themselves to massacring the Syrian masses and not a single bullet directed against the Zionist state. They were presented as "anti-imperialists", "anti-Zionists", "friends of the oppressed peoples" by all Stalinism and much of the entire world reformist left, but they have been part of a key counterrevolutionary device in the Middle East that was the conference of Geneva with Turkey.

The PLO argued that the Palestinian people should be neutral to have the support not only of the Syrian people but also of al-Assad, the same one who massacred the Syrian revolution and thousands of Palestinians in Yarmouk and protects the borders of Zionism in the Golan Heights. They separated the Palestinian masses from the Syrian revolution as well as from all the revolutionary processes that have shaken the Middle East since 2011, and the results are in sight. The uprising in Palestine comes at a time when we have suffered bitter defeats in these processes. But despite the leaderships that imposed this division, Iraq has risen, Lebanon is on fire, the Syrian resistance is on its feet, same as the masses in Sudan, Algeria and also the workers in Iran. The Syrian masses are the allies of the Palestinian masses! This is how they have already understood it in Palestine and that is why the flags of the Syrian revolution flutter in Jerusalem. Their fight is one, together with all the exploited in the region! The Palestinian masses have opened the fronts of the same revolution throughout the Maghreb and the Middle East!

The same fight to liberate Damascus and Jerusalem! It´s the same fight of both occupied nations against the occupation… of the occupying Zionism of Palestine and the US, Russia, Iran, Turkey and the same Israel that occupying Syria! It´s the same revolution that must sweep away imperialism and all its agents, all members of the Geneva counterrevolutionary agreement that supports Zionism today, honoring the Camp David pact.

Down with the Camp David pact! Let Egypt rise up against the counterrevolutionary dictatorship of Al Sisi to tear down the Rafah wall and unify the fighting from Cairo to Jerusalem! Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq today in revolt ... the same Intifada! For a federation of workers' and socialist republics throughout the Maghreb and the Middle East!

In order to eat and take back our homes, we must end the Zionist occupation and expel imperialism and its lackey regimes throughout the region. To have bread, we must expropriate the imperialist oil companies that loots the Middle East and the banks where they launder money.

The Palestinian prisoners must be freed from the dungeons of Zionism; as well as the Syrian prisoners who are in al-Assad's torture chambers; the prisoners of the uprising in Lebanon, Iraq, Iran; the tens of thousands of prisoners in Al Sisi prisons where death sentences have begun to be carried out! They are hostages in the hands of the regimes of the oppressors and we have to liberate them in this fight.

Let's stand up alongside the Palestinian masses!

To succeed in the Middle East, it´s necessary to unify in the same combat with the world working class, in particular with the workers ofUSA and the European imperialist powers. Zionism is armed and financed from these countries. From there you can hit and paralyze their murderous war machine. Let's stop all shipments destined for the Zionist state, as was done in Naples and Livorno! Let's march to the Israeli and US embassies in solidarity with Palestine! Let's march to the Syrian and Russian embassies against the genociders who massacred Syria! Let us set up international brigades of workers' organizations to go to fight against the Zionist occupier together with the Palestinian people! Let's stand up with the masses of the Maghreb and the Middle East!

Editorial Board of the Paper "The Truth of the Oppressed"


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