Berlin: Molotov attack on police station in the district of Tiergarten

On Friday morning, September 17, unknown persons attacked the police base in Tiergarten with Molotov cocktails. It is the unit that guards embassies in the government district. Two patrol cars were caught in the flames, another drove into laid out crow's feet (spikes) during the pursuit and remained with destroyed tires. Here is the translation of the claim:

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Some see an injustice in the institutions of the executive. Here, the officers hit a left-wing sit-in too hard in order to allow a right-wing march to pass, there they would act too gently against covid deniers, migrants would be deported to "unsafe" countries of origin, and if the stranglehold of an officer leads to death, he should be brought to court for his irregular actions, since he must have acted out of personal rather than professional motivation.

It is this attitude that sees the police as a more or less neutral hinge between rebellious forces in society and those who strive to live in a peaceful, democratic and tolerant agreement. It is this attitude that imagines itself morally on the side of the good and innocent and ignores structural differences and privileges, which could be the reason why the baton is rarely aimed at their heads. This attitude leads to the abstruse reproach to the police squad: "Where were you in Hanau?"

This attitude represents a distrust to the individual who cannot live in a society with others without authority and the threat of repression. It is this attitude that makes you wonder if, in an emergency, you won't dial 110? It is this attitude that makes the narrative of the individual case possible. This attitude claims that violence against the police is violence against people like you and me. This attitude allows the uniform or badge to be seen as a garment, an occupational utensil, rather than a globally legitimized expression of a function.

Cops all over the world have the function to detect the smallest rebellion against the system of capital, against the system of patriarchy, to press it into the logic of criminal law (i.e. to present it as non-political), to discredit it and to take it over. In the struggle for interpretive sovereignty, their goal is to control and crush this rebellion, with visible or subtle violence, depending on the balance of power and the form of government.

In this sense, the system of subjugating every element of our lives to the standard of norming and hierarchization according to property, body, religion, gender, origin, and mindset that prevails everywhere is manifested. Their use cannot be judged in the categories of unjust or unjustified. The institutionalization of the police has never been about justice. The police are a system of domination, and any narrative of humanity behind the uniform serves only to obscure social conditions.

We neither want police violence to be relativized because nothing else is to be expected from cops than racial profiling up to racist police killings. Nor do we believe that the handling of the right-wing series of attacks in Berlin Neukölln by cops in cooperation with the public prosecutor's office will produce more than an attempt to rehabilitate their own authorities.

On the other hand, constantly dealing with the NSU complex should always be a warning and a reality check for all of us at the same time: We cannot rely on the will of authorities to investigate, who will make racist judgments and protect their public servants. Officers from patrols to intelligence agencies stand as a bulwark between each and every one of us and the goal of our struggles: a life without oppression.

This attack on the object protection guard in the Berlin Tiergarten/embassy district means for us solidarity, empowerment, revenge, the interruption of their operational capability and the demonstration of the fact that their structures can be hit from ambush, even without equality of arms, materially and symbolically. The target of our action was the vehicles in the fenced area, knowing that the cops are also in the area in the bungalow. To stop alerted cop support and secure ourselves, we scattered crow's feet (spikes) and locked one of their gates.

Precisely because no individual can succeed in keeping track of all that emanates daily from cops and secret services in the FRG alone, the following is a list of chronicles and research pages, the contents of which were the sad and angry motivation for our action and should finally cast doubt on the extension of the 110.

No forgive, no forget!

(translators note: from, followed by links of police killings which are not translated)


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