Berlin: Fight For KøpiPlatz TAG X 15.10

Køpiplatz bleibt, damn it! The Wagenplatz needs your support and your presence now more than ever! We have received the date of eviction for the 15th October, but we will still not be silenced.After a year of ups and downs, empty promises from politicians and the city, discussions in the BVV (the Berlin-Mitte district politicians assembly), false hopes and crushing realities, we are still shocked by the devastating news that we will be evicted from our homes in just three weeks. But we will continue to fight! KøpiPlatz is here to stay!

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We suspected that the election would have an impact on our date. In fact, we received the letter only six days before the German elections. This conveniently takes away the responsibility of this Government and the next during the interim period.

At this point, everyday leading up to the eviction is crucial. We are sad, emotional, and ANGRY, but we are not afraid. We have been preparing for these weeks to use every available way to fight. But now is the time that we also need our friends and supporters. With solidarity comes strength. If we plan to continue with our collective spaces in Berlin, where we live together, work together, laugh and cry together, we must also fight together! This is why we would like to call on our friends and community in Berlin and around the world to stand with us in the weeks before the eviction, to scream a message to the system that we are bigger and more powerful than they can possibly imagine.

Berlin is a city full of alternative and autonomous spaces, particularly in our beloved unruly neighbourhoods. Each one weaves something special and different into the fabric of our communities. But this does not mean that we should be complacent, and let these spaces slip through our fingers. We should not allow our streets to become beige and uniform. We need to stop this now before it is too late. Wir Bleiben Alle!

Upcoming action from Køpiplatz and Comrades

DAY X DEMO: Interkiezionale, an autonomous collective in solidarity with threatened projects and fighting evictions in the city, will organise the Day X demo of Køpiplatz on the 15th October.

We will need ALL of your support on this day. More information will be announced nearer the date.

We have more actions planned, keep your eyes and ears open for details. Remember, the eviction starts with the build up of the red zone 2/3 days before the Day X.

This is the time to shout louder than ever! Spread the word about these demos in your cities and on your streets. Let us come together and show that despite the endless eviction threats and attacks or our way of life, we are still here, and our anger only fuels our strength.

Action weeks and support we need from you!

We want the whole of Berlin and our international community to stand together with us in ANY WAY POSSIBLE. This can be centralised and decentralised action. It can be anything from hanging a banner from your window, serving soli-shots in your bar, coming to our demos, or screaming the name of Køpiplatz and our fight from the rooftops.

We need you to use your imaginations during these weeks and organise your own style of decentralised action. It can be as big as organising an action, a demonstration, kundgebung, or info event and workshops around this time, in solidarity with Køpiplatz and anti-gentrification. Or it can be making a video, a banner, t-shirt design, mural.. anything to get all eyes on Køpiplatz in these weeks. In Berlin it is crucial we maintain action all over the city to keep the message alive, and also to exhaust Police and Government resources. We will not go down without a fight.

But on a larger scale, international support is equally as necessary, to make sure that people from all over the world hear of the injustices of these evictions, and how gentrification and greedy landlords are killing our cities.

Looking over the skyline of Berlin, there is a swarm of cranes and construction sites, eating the city like a plague. The development monsters are everywhere, in cities across the world. It’s times like this that we need to show them that even when they want to bury us for our lifestyles, that do not fit in with their whitewashed city plans, we will always be the beautiful mess of weeds that will keep growing and never die.

More information :

Køpiplatz and friends have organised hosts around the city to accomodate any supporters of Køpiplatz that come to Berlin to defend and fight for the Wagenplatz. If you need somewhere to stay, or would like to support us by offering accomodation in Berlin, please contact us at​​​​​​​

For information and updates on our situation, follow our info channels at:

Telegram channel:

If you want to get in touch, or need ideas or materials, email us at:


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