Summary of last nights attacks in Berlin for Køpi wagon place

Last night in Berlin-Friedrichshain, Rigaer Str./Liebig Str., so called Dorfplatz, a banner was hung with a solidarity message „Solidarity with KØPIPLATZ, ACAT“. Tires were burned as a barricade and arriving police forces at the spot attacked with stones, what damaged a riotpolice van. The following is a translation of the claim:

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"Fiery greetings to the Köpiplatz collective from the Nordkiez!

On Monday evening, 11.10.2021, a banner was hung at Dorfplatz and a barricade made of tires was set on fire! The moment when the cops arrived, stones were thrown at them. Just like not too long ago, it was again made clear that public servants are not welcome in any rebellious neighborhood and structure.

The day X of our fellow fighters* of Køpi wagon place is not far away; so the cops have already announced to set up a red zone around the project on 10/14 at 3pm. Their strategy of repression should not stop us from fighting and showing our solidarity with all means. Every attack of state and capital on rebellious communities and individuals will have its price! Rigaer Straße will always remain a place where people make solidarity with other struggles practical and where the state will always have to deal with an additional hotspot. This action is part of the militant week for Køpi wagon place. However, this does not mean that the struggle will end after the announced eviction date. It will go on - against evictions, against those responsible behind them, against the city of the rich!

Every eviction has its price.

Solidarity greetings go out at the same time to Jan, imprisoned in the conflict over Jammnitzer Platz in Nuremberg."

(translation from

Around the same time of this action in Berlin-Lichtenberg, not far away, some cars of municipal police got burned. Also in the last night, some SUV were burning in different neighborhoods of Berlin. For the other attacks, no claim until now published.


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