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October 24, 2021

5th anniversary of the assassination of Abu al Baraa, Syrian revolutionary socialist leader and leader of the Leon Sedov Brigade

Abu Al Baraa was assassinated by the fascist troops of Al Assad in the struggle of the rebel and partisan masses to break the siege of Aleppo in 2016.

The Syrian Revolution: a bloody and betrayed revolution. A nation that was occupied and divided by the U.S. imperialist troops, the Counterrevolutionary Guard of the Iranian clerics, by Russia and Turkey, supported by the bayonets of the genocidal Al Assad.

Honor and tribute to Abu Al Baraa and all the martyrs of the heroic Syrian revolution!

There will be neither forgetting nor forgiveness for the executioners of the Syrian masses, nor for the Stalinist and social-imperialist left, lackey of Al Assad, who sold out this enormous revolution!

Today Syrian revolution resists together with the new fighting of the Middle Eastern masses in Sudan, in Palestine, in the great strikes of the Iranian workers and in the rebellion of the exploited in Algeria and Tunisia.

Honor and tribute to Abu Al Baraa and the combatants of the Leon Sedov Brigade who fell fighting under the banners of the Fourth International and for the victory of the socialist revolution in Syria, in the Maghreb and the Middle East and at international level.

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