TESTIMONY - 22/11 + 23/11 - VISIT OF THE DOCTORS TO THE 5 ON HUNGER STRIKE "The Aegean Sea is an unfortunate lake. In one of its shores there is a slaughterhouse state and in the other a house-of-prostitution state." [K. G., Eleftherotypia, 2000] Saturday November 22, 2003 General Public Hospital of Nikaia, time 22:00 Kleanthis Grivas, Alexandra Eftimiadou, Maria-Myrtw Griva, physicians of the 5 on hunger strike since the beginning of their strike, have examined 3 of them, Carlos Martin, Fernado Perez, and Spiros Tsitsas, in the General Public Hospital of Nikaia (1st Clinic of Pathology). The doctors on call at the clinic (Solomon Solonos, Head of the clinic, Voutsadakis Manolis, Vasilis Bourikis) provided all possible facilitation for the examination of those on strike by their doctors and gave detailed reports (lab and clinical) about their health. The general conclusion is that the mere transfer of the strikers from the Prison Hospital of the Korydalos Prison (where not even superficially serious problems can be addressed) to the General Public Hospital of Nikaia (where they received medical care) had a positive influence on their general image and in their morale. Sunday November 23 2003 General Public Hospital of Nikaia, time 11:00 The above said physicians tried to see the above said 3 patients on hunger strike in G.P.H. of Nikaia, but despite the consent of the clinic doctors, they were met with the obstinate denial of the guards (members of the "Guard at the Exterior of Prison" that is subservient to the Ministry of Justice). The doctor's question concerning whether the guards were going to obey the order of the Chief Of Police Mr. Nasiakos regarding "the rights of the prisoners" was answered by the head of the guards thus, "We are not part of the Police but are subservient to the Ministry of Justice," disregarding the fact that the individual and civil rights are fully upheld in their totality by the Constitution, as well as domestic and international law, and International Treaties that have been sanctioned by the Greek Parliament, and therefore have higher validity than domestic Law. And as such their validity does not depend on the legal interpretations of a state official or a civil servant. The peak of this "theater of the absurd" was reached with the arrival of the nursing staff to take one of the strikers in order to administer an ultrasonic test, and the head of the squad of "the guards at the exterior of prison" brutally interupted the medical procedure to ask "Who is the doctor that signed the consent for this test?" usurping thus the autority of the physicians and indeed that of the Head of the Clinic. Sunday November 23, 2003 Prison "Hospital" of Korydalos, time 13:00 Subsequently, the above said physicians together with Dr. Athanasios Karampelis, doctor of Pathology (member of the management of the Union of Hospital physicians of Greece UHPG), Dr. Olga Kosmopoulou doctor of Pathology (member of the management of Union of Hospital Physicians of Athens and Piraeus) and the attorneys of the strikers Vasilis Papastergiou and Voula Giannakopoulou tried to visit and examine the other two on hunger strike, Solaiman Dakdouk and Simon Chapman who had remained in the prison's "hospital" at Korydallos, despite the fact that they have refrained from the intake of food for 65 and 51 days, respectively. The state agents that serve in the "hospital" of Korydallos Prison, with whom the doctors of the strikers communicated, declined (illegally albeit "heroically") to give their names and, invoking an UNKOWN order, of UNKNOWN content and UKNOWN authorship, they forbade the visit and examination of the strikers by their doctors. The only exception to the multiple phone conversations with the "responsible" state agents that "bravely" retained their anonimity was somebody that declared himself to be "Sergeant Printzas or Printzos" (or something like that) and answered with severity and in a derogatory manner to the pleads of Dr. Karampelis, who was pleading for the sergeant to communicate with his superiors so that the matter could be resolved. He used stupidities of the sort "Call me back in 10 days" or "Call me next year" and similar "jokes" that reveal his education, his culture and his civility to be in harmony with the opinions of the Minister of Justice Mr. F. Petsalnikos regarding the "lenient treatment of those in hunger strike" during their apprehension and detainment. For the duration of two hours the above said doctors and lawyers made desperate attempts for communication in every possible direction (the prison management, the district attorney (the public prosecutor), the Chief of Police in Piraeus, the ministries of Justice and Public Order) but were unable to locate any --not even one-- relevant agent either of the state or the government, due to "Sunday's Holiday". Conclusion: In Greece, civil rights have a chance of being relatively protected only if their infringement happens to take place during week days and not during Sundays or Holidays. And this causes the laughter of the citizens of the European Union (where we supposedly belong). About 16:00, the above said physicians were informed from the member of the parliament from the party of Synaspismos, Olga Xerotyri, who had been notified and communicated with the adjutant (!) to the Minister of Justice that the prohibitive order had been issued by the manager of Korydallos Prison, in agreement with the Ministry of Justice. After that, the interesed doctors decided (in agreement with the lawyers of the strikers and noted legal experts in our country), to examine the possibility of a lawsuit against all responsible parties (Minister of Public Health, manager of prison, state agents that broke the law) for the abuse of authority, neglect of duty, violation of the law concerning Individual and Civil Rights, etc., that they will promote in the responsible European organizations and the international non-goverment organzations for the humans rights.

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