New photos of Simon Chapman prove his innocence!

A new photo by Reuters photographer Yannis Behrakis, released today (25.11) clearly proves that Simon has been framed by the greek police!

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Photo no.1 The already well-known photo by Yiorgos Karahalis: Simon is been kicked by a riot cop while still wearing his blue and purlpe rucksack. This is the text that accompanied the picture:


A Greek riot policeman kicks a protester in a main street of the northern town of Thessaloniki following a meeting of the EU summit June 21, 2003. Police fired volleys of teargas in Greece's second largest city to disperse hundreds of self-styled anarchists who were among 25,000 peaceful anti-capitalist protesters marching through Thessaloniki's centre.The anarchists smashed shop windows and set fire to cars and buildings including a McDonald's. REUTERS/Yiorgos Karahalis


από A/nia (m-L) 26/11/2003 1:48 μμ.

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Photo no.2 taken by Orestis Panagiotoy: it shows Simon sitting on the pavement, his glasses having dissapeared

An arrested demonstrator is being guarded by riot policemen after clashes that took place during demonstration against the EU summit, Thessaloniki Saturday 21 June 2003. EPA PHOTO/EPA/ORESTIS PANAGIOTOU


από A/nia (m-L) 26/11/2003 1:52 μμ.

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Photo no.3 Simon's own blue and purple rucksack is clearly visible a few meters behind him: a mysterious black rucsack full with bottles has appeared on the bottom-left, whilst on the right- hand side, a cop places a second black rucksack next to Simon.

This file photograph taken June 21, 2003 following an EU summit in Thessaloniki, shows Simon Chapman from Basildon, Essex following his arrest by Greek police. His blue and purple rucksack can be seen in the background. Supporters of Chapman claim his bag was switched during his arrest with another containing firebombs and a hammer to implicate him. He is now on hunger strike in a Greek prison along with four others charged with possession of explosives and weapons, and supporters keeping vigil in Athens November 25, 2003, said that the vigil had now become a death watch . REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis


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