Just half an hour ago, at 4.00 p.m. Greek time, the Council of Deliquencies of Thessaloniki (i hope the translation means something, it is a council of 3 judges that decides on petitions for the release of prisoners :)) ruled that the Thessaloniki 7 are to be set free!! Without any bail, but with the following terms: 1. That the 4 non-greeks are not to leave Greece until the trial. 2. That the 3 Greeks should not leave Greece until the trial and should present themselves to a police station twice a month (or something like that). Earlier in the day, a public prosecutor had ordered compulsory feeding for the 5 hunger strikers. That move quickly turned against the state's side, as people were outraged with what reminded of totalitarian regimes. The media started putting pressure on the government, and even members of the governing PASOK party came out to demand the release of the 7. And it was true that last week the solidarity movement in Greece had put great pressure on the government, with lots of occupying buildings, demonstrations, actions and informing the public. Today also saw the release of a new photo that proves the innosence of Simon Chapman. http://athens.indymedia.org/front.php3?lang=el&article_id=162765 This is a victory of the struggle for dignity and freedom by the 5 hunger strikers, of the other 2 prisoners, but as well of the thousands of people that stood up for them all over the world!! It is an outright defeat for the greek state-repression complex, and for the global "anti-terror" mechanisms. We are so happy for that! The passion for freedom was finally stronger than their prisons!!

από the same 26/11/2003 5:32 μμ.

The 7 are of course not totally free from "justice", since they will be tried some time next year. But there is NO CHANCE that they will be found guilty, there is simply no fucking evidence and the Greek society sees them now almost like heroes :) What is being discussed now is to put pressure for the prosecution of the police, for planting evidence! But i wouldn't think there is some serious chance for that...

από someone 26/11/2003 6:49 μμ.

In one discussion i had with someone from the elite in Eastern Europe, about human rights protests in general, the discussion eventually focussed on a concrete easily provable fact: police infiltration. This person simply could not believe that US/EU police infiltrated activist networks or planted evidence like molotov cocktails etc. His argument was essentially theoretical: if something like this happened, then the police would be prosecuted and this would be widely known. Maybe the most important strategic question to ask is: would prosecuting the police guilty of planting evidence lead to wider knowledge of police tactics? Or is the knowledge already widely enough distributed? Just a thought...

από b 26/11/2003 6:52 μμ.

it's just fucking great to read that!!!!! today the "thessaloniki 7" and tomorrow ALL prisoners!!!!!

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