Everyone is celebrating for the 7

A jubilee for everyone participating in solidarity actions

There was a march on motorcycles towards the Hospital , just after the happy news arrived. Spiros, Carlos and Fernando are treated in there. 150 people shouted loudly and held banners in greek and in spanish. The comrades were switching the lights on and off. The mothers of Fernando and Carlos were there... They kept on saying "Gracias.. gracias!", obviously happy. There were cops everywhere, in the entrance of the hospital, as well as all along the march. [more photos]

Comrades Michalis Traikapis and Dimitris Fliouras arrived at the occupied building of Athens Univ.. a little later. The people gathered at the occupation were shouting of enthusiasm and using smoke producers. Everyone is staying there and celebrating.

In Thessaloniki, when the news got known, the protestors blocked for a little the main street of the city, as a sign of happiness. At the Theology Faculty, that is about to be de-occupied, a great party was organised and it's held at the momnet. Everyone is happy and enjoying the warmth of the freedom. The Parartima in Patras, that was used as a place for infromation and action, celebrates too! There is a concert organised, and a non-ending party is following.


από ξενυχτης 27/11/2003 10:40 πμ.

Athens judges free hunger-strike Briton Rebecca Allison Thursday November 27, 2003 The Guardian A British anti-capitalist activist was released from a prison in Greece last night after a seven-week hunger strike. Lawyers for Simon Chapman, 30, from Basildon in Essex, confirmed that judges had ordered his release on bail - a month after the Guardian revealed that media footage appeared to show police had planted molotov cocktails and other weapons on him. Mr Chapman, a graphic designer, was granted bail (although he must not leave Greece) along with four other activists - two Spaniards, a Syrian and a Greek. All five face charges stemming from riots in the northern city of Salonika during the EU summit in June. All maintain they are wrongly accused. Mr Chapman, arrested on June 21, was charged with eight serious offences including possession and use of molotov cocktails, arson, rebellion against the state, and grievous harm. The weapons were found in a black rucksack, but Mr Chapman denies ever having had such a bag. He claims media footage proves it was planted on him after his arrest, and that in reality he was carrying a light blue rucksack containing only bottles of water and spare clothes. His legal team last night confirmed that an independent investigation is under way into the behaviour of the police in the arrest. Mr Chapman, the Spaniards and the only Greek defendant, Spyros Tsitsas, started their fast on October 5 after a second application for bail was turned down. Suleiman Dakduk, from Syria, was on hunger strike the longest, 64 days. A fortnight ago the group was moved from jail in Salonika to Athens. Two are receiving treatment at Athens' maximum-security Korydallos prison. The other three were receiving care under guard at a nearby state hospital. The panel of three judges is understood to have ordered the release of the hunger strikers despite a recommendation to the contrary by the public prosecutor. The judges also ordered the release of two other riot suspects: two Greek minors who were not on hunger strike. The Greek government has been under increasing pressure to intervene. On Tuesday, a petition signed by 28 European parliament members called for the prisoners' release. Greek anarchists had also staged a campaign, occupying university buildings and making arson attacks against banks. Yesterday morning doctors treating the hunger strikers refused an order by the public prosecutor to forcefeed their patients. All five will remain under medical care until they improve. Doctors described them as in a "grave condition" and in need of up to 10 days in intensive care to avoid serious and permanent organ damage. Lawyers for the group speculated they would go on trial by January. Mr Chapman's elder brother, Chris, said his brother had spoken with their mother. "We are all very relieved, but there is still much more to do before this is over," he said. "Simon said he feels fine; all he wants to do is have something to eat."

από BOOSTER 27/11/2003 10:54 πμ.

British hunger striker to be freed By Harry de Quetteville in Athens (Filed: 27/11/2003) A British protester who went on hunger strike in Greece after being jailed during an EU summit is to be given bail when he is strong enough to leave prison hospital. The ruling was made by an Athens court yesterday. Simon Chapman, 30, from Basildon, Essex, had been protesting against globalisation when he was arrested in June. Four other protesters were held during riots at the Thessaloniki summit and charged with possessing weapons. The men all denied the charges and began refusing to eat almost two months ago to publicise the fight for their release. Under Greek law they could have been held for up to 18 months without trial. Doctors were ordered to force-feed the five, who are said to be in a critical condition, to prevent them from dying. But the doctors at the hospital where three of the five are being held refused to comply with the public prosecutor's decree. They said it was "illegal and unethical". Mr Chapman's lawyer, George Ververis, said he was delighted with the verdict and promised that his client would end his hunger strike. "But he will need to stay in hospital to learn to start eating again, very, very slowly," Mr Ververis added

από Mark Barnsley 28/11/2003 12:47 πμ.

Dear Comrades, In Leeds, England, we were overjoyed when the news arrived. I was just about to circulate by e-mail the information about the threatened force-feeding when a comrade phoned to tell me the 7 were free, then the texts started flooding in! We quickly organised celebrations, which I have to confess amounted to lots of drinking and toasting our brave comrades! Then in the middle of this, Simon phoned, and we spoke together for the first time. I must say that I am very proud to be part of a movement that includes comrades of such courage, strength, and integrity, and proud that in their hour of need our movement was able to deliver the necessary solidarity. As I think you say in Greece, "Our passion for freedom is greater than all your cells." With love and respect to you all. Always in struggle Mark Barnsley

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