AntiRacismNet News AntiRacismNet Feature: Rebuild for People, Not Profits NYC Social Forum Working Group Letter Of Invitation Concerning World Economic Forum (WEF) January 31 to February 4, 2002 "We are women and men, farmers, workers, unemployed, professionals, students, blacks and indigenous peoples, coming from the South and from the North, committed to struggle for people's rights, freedom, security, employment and education. We are fighting against the hegemony of finance, the destruction of our cultures, the monopolization of knowledge, mass media, and communication, the degradation of nature, and the destruction of the quality of life by multinational corporations and anti-democratic policies." Headlines: Anti-Racists Defeat Neo-Nazi Recruiting Drive Spokesman Defends Harvard Prof's Political Involvement Recession Toughest for Minorities Term "Redskin" is causing controversy Not even stupidity excuses Bush's 'Pakis' slur Selling the Police in America Jobs Crisis for Black Teens Public Service Unions, Immigrant Workers Join Forces Mumia's Limelight and the Death Penalty Jewish Group's Leader Indicted in Bomb Plot A Surfeit of Latino Election Riches? Minority Children Less Likely to Get Asthma Drugs Action Opportunities: January 21: USA - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service January 21: USA - Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Events January 26: Minneapolis, MN - Breaking Barriers, Building Democracy: A Call to Establish Political Inclusion and Equality Read more at

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