Rioters attack Greek police station Officers of the police station in Athens were accused of torture Some 50 youths have hurled stones and set fire to a car at a police station in Athens whose officers were earlier accused of abusing Afghan immigrants, the Athens News Agency said. Anti-riot police drove off the assailants on Friday, described by police as anarchists. One man was arrested for allegedly attacking police cars with an axe and another 18 were taken into temporary custody, the agency quoted Greek police as saying. Police said they found the axe in a bag carried by the 29-year-old man and believed it had been used to damage cars outside the building. No casualties were reported. Torture charges Non-governmental organisations had earlier accused police from the same precinct station of torturing Afghan immigrants. Human-rights activists said last Tuesday that police raiding an Athens hostel carried out mock executions on Afghan immigrants, with one officer allegedly sticking a gun in a teenager's mouth. "At least 30 immigrants were very seriously maltreated by police, who even carried out simulated executions on them, placing weapons against their heads and necks," Maria Kali, who works for a rehabilitation centre for torture victims, said. Fighting and poverty resulted in a veritable exodus of Afghans Police said on Monday, following the broadcast of a television documentary highlighting the allegations, that they would investigate reports that officers had beaten Afghan and Iranian immigrants. The programme, shown by the private TV channel Mega on Sunday, quoted reports from rights groups alleging that police clubbed the group of some 30 immigrants during raids last week. Iro Varsami, a doctor with the medical charity Doctors of the World who tended 10 of the victims, said: "The number of immigrants who were tortured must be some 60, but we've found out only about 30 because others are hiding out of fear." Greek non-governmental organisations have frequently condemned the treatment of asylum seekers and clandestine immigrants by Greek authorities. Saturday 25 December 2004, 22:42 Makka Time

από Anthipastinomos Gourounis 26/12/2004 1:57 πμ.

giati etsi opos paei tha to mathei kai o Bin Laden kai den tha xeroume apo pou na figoume...

από Mercury 26/12/2004 1:29 μμ.

Να ξέρουν ότι το αλ τζαζίρα έχει πολύ μεγάλη επισκεψιμότητα στον ισλαμικό κόσμο. Η κακοποίηση προσφύγων δεν είναι απλή υπόθεση, γιατί ακούγεται και παραέξω και μπορεί να έχει συνέπειες. Είναι πολύ σοβαρό να διατηρείς στρατεύματα στο Αφγανιστάν, και από την άλλη να βασανίζεις Αφγανούς πρόσφυγες πολέμου. Ο λαμπερός, αεράτος και χαμογελαστός Βουλγαράκης θα πρέπει να ξέρει ότι τέτοιες ενέργειες των σαδιστών και διεστραμμένων υφιστάμενών του ουσιαστικά θέτουν σε κίνδυνο την ασφάλεια των Ελλήνων πολιτών. Να τιμωρηθούν παραδειγματικά οι βασανιστές του τμήματος Αγ. Παντελεήμονα. Να ξέρουν ότι θα υπάρχει και συνέχεια, και η εκστρατία ενημέρωσης θα συνεχιστεί. Κάτω τα χέρια από τους πρόσφυγες.

από Inty 26/12/2004 10:52 μμ.

me poly thetika sxolia...

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