The opinion of the IMC Athens collective on the acts of the mass media

About the tele- terrorism of the last months, and the attack against IMC Athens in particular

During the last months, we have been witnesses of an incredible slander from a part of electronic media and newspapers. After conspiracy theories, refutation of historical facts and movements, TV trials judging persons as well as collectives, their new target is Indymedia: By showing selected pieces of articles published in IMC Athens, they shout that IMC Athens has to be closed down, that it is illegal, etc. Of course, all this is done without the site's address to be mentioned ANYWHERE. Therefore, their viewers and their readers are not able to cross the information themselves.

Our reply is that this site is a medium based on principles such as the freedom of speech and informing one another. This is why this medium is based on the principle of open publishing: information is not being filtered, in contrast to the filters set by the corporate media to their "news". Our aim is that the information provided by this site is immediate, coming from humans and appealing to humans. IMC Athens is therefore following the open publishing logic (like the whole of the IMC network) allowing news and opinions to be published from any user or visitor to the site, as long as they respect the basic principles of Indymedia. The logic as well as the whole history behind the Indymedia project can be found here.

We believe that this attack is neither accidental, nor solitary. It's a part of a whole effort to create a negative environment against all differentiated voices. We are not going to back off from our principles, in the name of "anti-terrorism"- or anything else. We believe that our principles, as described above, put forward a more direct and right coverage, without interventions coming from any kind of "experts".


The IMC Athens collective

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