Declaration of the Greek solidarity mission to Lebanon

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Declaration of the Greek solidarity mission to Lebanon The Greek solidarity mission to Lebanon (which is part of the International Civil Mission) has made the following declaration: “The Greek solidarity mission to the people of Lebanon, composed by representatives of trade unions, political organizations, anti-war and social movements, is actually in Beirut and demands: • An immediate and unconditional cease-fire. • The withdrawal of the Israeli troops from all Lebanese territories. • No presence of any foreign forces in the country. • Respect from all parts to the independence of Lebanon. Our mission condemns the barbaric Israeli aggression which is going on with the active participation of the United States and the consensus of the European Union and the international institutions. We express our full solidarity to the people of Lebanon and its resistance. We are here to demand as well the end of the occupation of Palestinian and Arab territories by Israel, the demolition of the Wall of shame and the liberation of all Palestinian and Lebanese political prisoners. We make an appeal to the movements and workers of Europe and from all over the world to fight together with the people of Lebanon and Palestine for an end to war and occupation.” Beirut 31/7/2006

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