An unprecedented case of censorship against, a search engine for Greek blogs, has provoked hue and cry in Greek blogs. The case was made known by an e-mail sent by the search engine's administrator, Mr. Andonis Tsipropoulos, to all listed members yesterday evening. By this e-mail the administrator informed members that a Greek public figure -whose name has not been disclosed as yet by Blogme.Gr- prosecuted the search engine for what he/she regarded as slander in one of its enlisted blogs! The administrator was arrested without prior notice last night at his residence. He spent the night behind bars and the following day he was taken to the Distric Attorney wearing handcops. His company - funded by an unemployment subsidies'program - has been forced to suspend its operation. Mr. Tsipropoulos has in overall sustained great damage on a professional and personal level alike. In his e-mail, Mr. Tsipropoulos wrote: "This is the first time ever that a search engined - a site collecting information on the web - has been associated with the content of a web log and sued for it. Never before has an offended individual in a democratic country resorted to a lawsuite of this kind till this very day, with the exception of repressive regimes. Most recent exemples are Singapore and China. However, even in these cases the lawsuites were against the blog administator, and not a blog directory that collects information such as Blogme. [...] As a result of this selective prosecution, Blogme has become the sole website collecting information that has sustained the implications of this action, among hundreds of similar search engines in the Greek and the World Wide Web, many of which display in different ways the contentious blog in their results." Mr. Tsipropoulos goes on saying that Blogme.Gr does not wish the prosecution of other search engines and that it does not pass an opinion on the blog in question or any other blog or web page content to which it does not countersign. According to the Greek legislation, this case is directly associated with all that applies to the freedom of press and the information society in Greece.

To whom it may concern,

High guys, the year is (surprisingly) 2006, the place is (not-quite-so surprisingly) Greece, and the administrator of an blog aggregating service ( got his ass sued, arrested and jailed for hosting a link to a blog with allegedly offending content.

We don’t know who the offended fellow actually is, but he is probably someone with really big connections. That’s because the standard procedure, even in Greece, consists of a) verifying that a crime may have taken place by actually checking the bloody law b) asking the alleged offender a thing or two verifying that they are a likely offender and c) arresting and/or jailing them if you have valid reasons to assume they are guilty and/or dangerous. As you can see, things here have not quite followed the standard procedure but pretty much its exact opposite. Ergo, somebody with big connections is abusing the law to shut whatever mouths they can.

I have good reasons to suspect that the "person with connections" is an ultra-nationalist televangelist and the offending blog is a satiric blog that has single-handedly managed to make him look like the twerp he actually is, greatly reducing his (major) political and ideological impact in greek society. This places the issue under a whole new prespective, but I suppose for now we must stick with the facts: A blog offends (?) X, that blog cannot be sued because it is hosted in the States, so X sues a completely innocent greek aggregation service just to make a point, and the point is “the [incompetent, prehistoric and corrupt] greek legal system is mine, assholes, so you ‘d better watch out!”.

Read a shitload of posts (mostly in greek, I’m afraid) about the whole issue here

από Grnik 28/10/2006 10:01 πμ.

Φασισμός στην Ελλάδα; την κοιτίδα της δημοκρατίας; Πέφτω απο τα σύννεφα! Ποτέ δεν περίμενα κάτι τέτοιο από την χώρα της ελευθερίας! Ρε δεν μας παρατάνε οι διάφοροι που εκπλήσσονται και εξανίστανται επειδή βούλωσαν το στόμα ενός ανθρώπου;;; Αυτό αγαπητά μου ζώα σύντροφοι συμβαίνει κάθε μέρα αλλά όσων τα στόματα βουλώνονται δεν είναι αρκετά τυχεροί να βρούν βήμα να πούν τον πόνο τους.

από free speech for the dumb 05/12/2006 3:43 μμ.

I don't speak Greek but there are nazi svastikas and celtic crosses in his blog

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