Health update for the detained hunger strikers


The signing special GPs, Athanassios Karambelis, adjunct director in Metaxas Hospital, and Olga Cosmopoulou, 2nd level tutor of the Nicaea General State Hospital and after special authorization by the Athens & Piraeus Doctors' Union, we are following the health state of the two detained hunger strikers, Mr Zantarozni Tarassios, aged 25 (on 68th day) and Kyriakopoulos Gerassimos, aged 31 (52nd day) being under hospital treatment in Nicaea General Hospital since the 9th of January 2007, and whom we examine regularly.


During today's examination, adding to what we had noted on our previous announcements, we found that:

The state of the two hunger strikers, who only accept to drink water, is still critical. They appear to have orthostatic hypotension and they cannot stand for more than a while, since they may faint. They stay in bed, 24hrs a day, and in a state of severe physical exhaustion. They suffer from loss of hypodermic fat, and atrophy of the skin and the hypodermic tissue, along with loss of hair and dry skin, phenomena of advanced starvation.

They have a lot of emaciation and muscle weakness, and show severe atrophy of middle-bone and temple muscles, including obvious loss of muscular masses all over the body. The loss of muscular masses is so critical that in a high degree, that it is most possibly irreversible while it is an indication of analogous, non-visible but possibly more severe damages caused on internal sensitive organs.

We focus on the incidents of bradycardia that both hunger strike suffer from, more often recently, something which alerts for a severe damage on the myocardium, endangering serious arrhythmias and sudden death. Analogous damages have possibly been caused on other delicate organs such as the central neural systema and the neural tissue as a whole. Some temporary incidents of daze and lack of locality, which consist a bad prognostic for initiating damages in the central neural system.

Mr Kyriakopous, who has got only one leaver and has had a spleen ectomy, has extra gastrointestinal disturbances, almost since the beginning of his treatment, while he has got cholelithiasis, which can be attributed to the the starvation.

Finally, the two hunger strikers are hemodynamically instable, risking a shock and serious infections with irrecoverable damages of vital organs. Their state is unavoidably worsening as the days go on, and in any time it can rapidly worsen, with irrecoverable damages on their health and immediate danger for their life.

The doctors treating the detained hunger strikers and us, who have been presented as their personal doctors, with respect to them, we are doing are duty to keep our two patients in life and minize the severe and unavoidable damages, which they will have after so keeping themselves away from nutrition, for so long.

The detained hunger strikers have already passed the limit for having non reversible and constant serious damages on their health, while there is immediate risk for their life.

The signing doctors, we declare that it is absolutely required and urgent their immediate release, so as to save their health and their life.


Athanassios Karambelis, adjunct director of Metaxas' Hospital
Olga Cosmopoulou, 2nd-level tutor of NHS, General State Hospital of Nicaea


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