Report from the early gathering outside the police Headquarters and the Court

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people gathered in front of the Court at about 11am

We initially went to the Court, but had been waiting for long and the arrestees didn't show up. Some of us moved to the Police Headquarters, were there were the detainees' friends, relatives and advocates. Some time later the mass of the people who had been outside the court marched towards the Police Headquarters, but they were blocked in their way, in front of Panathinaikos stadium.

Those of us who had already been in front of the Headquarters, started shouting slogans as well. Gradually the march spread around, and some of them, not that many, managed to come in front of the Headquarters; we were enough in order to threat the public order, though...

So, as we were shouting and the march had ended, the cops moved the patrols that had been blocking the streets for more than 4 hours now, and decided that we are to blame for the blocked avenue!!! We were tightly surrounded, so that the only thing we could do was to sit on the asphalt and wait for their assassinating hits. The riot cop with the spray was about to shot, when some parents held him and pulled his finger from the button. We kept on shouting. Then we learned that the 12 arrestees were heading to the Court, so people started moving either towards the Court or to the solidarity demonstration that would start in a while from Propylaea.

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