The spontaneous march that occured in Heraclio on Thursday night, after the suppresion of the Athens march, ended outside the Androghaeo municipal building, which was... finally occupied, hoping that it would aid further protests in the centre of the city.

The solidarity demonstration of  Friday, in Yannena was attacked by the police, after the students had shot eggs and paint on the cops. 4 people were detaineed, but have been released after the intervening of unionists teachers. The situation was stressed out, the students were arrested almost randomly and without any reason. The local people watching the march, blamed the police violence and shouted in solidarity to the students.

The demonstration in Patra [video] started from Parartima and moved initially towards the Court, were they shot paint and eggs. When the had reached Ermou str., the leading block decided to go straight, instead of turning to the local police headquarters. Two thirds of the demonstrators, though, with a draft banner, made a chain and marched to the police headquarter site. All along the march, demonstrators were spraying on the walls and the bank windows.

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40-50 people marched in the small island of Syros after a decision of the Student Union, and had a lobby in front the local police department, shouting slogans in front of the cops who were just watching. It was afterwards that the shit happenned. As the march had finished in the central square, a guy was detained. We gathered again and marched to the police department, and as we arrived there, he was just set free. Point out that it was for another reason that they caught him, and it was sth else that they officially declared... He had actually asked to see the ID card of an undercovered policeman, while the official explanation was that "he had been considered a suspect for drug dealing".

The univ. is Syros is to stay occupied at least till Tuesday

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