who sign this text, PARENTS OF STUDENTS AND PUPILS recently hit and walloped by the "praetorians" of Polydoras and by the media,


  • any policeman to cripple our children, in public or secretly
  • anyone to spray them with illegal, cancerigenic chemicals, performing experiments on their current and future health
  • any ambitious, well-settled, forswearer journalist of the private and state TV to mute, defame and provoke our children, when they are allegedly invited in the name of democracy to express their opinion
  • any political party or group to play with our children's respectable and emotive struggle for public free education, for work, freedom and their life anyway.
  • any government, referring to punks, fascists and masqueteers, to defame and marginalize these children, who are the only hope for changing the things in this country
All of us, the UNKNOWN ones who served and work in order to pay, mostly, for  this "free education", WE SHALL NOT ALLOW any reference to a desecration of the UNKNOWN soldier by those KNOWN ones who have stayed far from any national, social and class struggle.


we call, with no masks, every parent, by signing this public petition, to declare against those who have decided to cripple her/his children, just because they dare to pretend to their life and against those trying to use the children's struggle in order to have election or political gains, that:

Above all estimations for "conservatice" characteristics and reflectives of the modern Greek society, what is definitely pre-existent and preponderant is the instinct for protecting the dignity, the health and the life of their children.

Dimitriadis Dimitris, AUTH, Charalambidou Martha, AUTH, Rigopoulos Giorgos, NTUA, Katsimba Dafni, NTUA, Nanakoudis Charalambos, AUTH, Parada Anastasia, AUTH, Nikolaidis Kostas, TEI Kastoria, Nikolaidoy Mary, TEI Kastoria, Chatzikraniotis Alekos, AUTH, Spaia Sofia AUTH, Vayas Nikos UOI, Ayakatsika Niki, UOI, Nikolaou Kostas UTH, Iliopoulou Chrissoula AUTH, Grigoriadis Dimitrios, AUTH, Papadopoulou Anastassia AUTH, Gkonis Dionysis TEITh, Gkoni Kalliopi TEITh, Tsakmakis Yannis, Senior High-school, Temortzidis Dimitris AUTH. Mentzos Apostolos, Senior High-school, Kanaris Manolis, Senior High-school, Valassi Dimitra, Senior High-school, Tzanis Nikos, TEIThe, Leonidakis Dimitris, AUTH, Leonidakis Anastassios UOC, Timblalexis Achileas AUTH, Perchanidou Caty AUTH, Pandiris Yannis UOP and AUTH, Pandiri Aleka AUTH, Sourmelas Ilias TEI Kavala, Mouladaki Maria, TEI Kavala.

από parent 12/03/2007 10:35 μμ.

My kid has been walloped with no reason 4 times and has been sprayed twice. He has had a concussion for two or three days and he hasn't said anything.

No ass-hole will beat it for Marietta and Karamanlis. If I manage to spot that faggot who beat my kid, the entire riot police force won't be able to rescue him from my hands.

If the riot policemen are men, let them dare to hit without robocop uniforms and remotely controlled Public Prosecutors and chemical; this would show how the students would stand.


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