Protests and riots caused by Bush’s visit in Colombia

Report concerning the anti-bush protests in Colombia.

Protests and riots caused by Bush’s visit in Colombia

By: Prensa Libertaria

After a tense week filled with protests in public universities and demonstrations around the country, George W. Bush arrived in Colombia. Last Sunday’s morning the US president was received by the gathering of various protesters in one of the main streets of  Bogotá. The demonstration, which was initially organized by the PDA (Left Party) and other left sectors, faced great inconveniences due to the huge security unit which accompanied Bush’s visit and the constant declaration of the government announcing that all protests were forbidden. In fact, in the past few weeks the governmental authorities had managed to create a tense environment by means of continuous searches and exaggerated police and military presence around the city. In this way Bogota’s downtown was filled with antennas, cameras, snipers, the army, policemen dressed as civilians and approximately 350 riotpolicemen (ESMAD).

Nevertheless, at 11am 600 people –students, workers, left party activists, anti-imperialist organizations and rebellious youngsters– gathered in front a police barrier that tried to prevent protestors from entering the downtown of the city, were the president’s car was supposed to go around. After an hour of protesting and burning the northamerican flag, a huge fight between the ESMAD and the demonstrators took place. A few minutes later, just when the president’s car crossed the main street, the ESMAD attacked fiercely the demonstrators with the help of tear gas, sticks and water. In this way the initial protest was dispersed, but shortly a real street battle originated and various banks and shops were destroyed in response to the incredible police repression. Finally, after the ESMAD’s aggression, the army and the undercover cops, 107 people were detained. Until this moment most of them were set free, but some still detained and twelve of them do not appear in the prison lists.

Without a doubt this facts reveal the anger of a part of the Colombian population regarding Bush’s visit and show the direct consequences of president Uribe’s politics of security: the absurd prohibition of social protests and the continuous repression of popular uprising.


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