Announcement of the Student Unions of Thessaloniki

The student movement cannot be defamed, cannot be repressed We request the immediate release of our innocent fellow student.

During the dawn of Saturday 05/05, while two parties were taking place in the courtyard of the Polytechnic Faculty (the one of the student radio 1431AM and that of the student politcal party of PASP), riots occured in Ethnikis Amynis street by unknown people.

Two hours after the riots ended, our fellow student, who is being accused, a second-year student in the Chemical Engineering department, left the Polytechnic so as to return home. At the junction of the streets 3rd Septemvriou and Egnatia (on the other side of the place that the riots had taken place) some policemen asked for his ID. He was then taken to the Police Headquarters of Thessaloniki, along with another 15 people. No proof was found either during the body-search or during a raid in his home. The fact that he was at the Polytechnic Faculty during the entire night (which is being affirmed by dozens of witnesses), that he was arrested far from the riots and that there was no proving clue, indicate the conspiracy drawn by the police.

This incident is directly connected with the effort for terrorizing every struggle. Two months after the unfair arrest of 49 of our fellow students (including the latter arrestee) and the fact that they were found innocent, the police try, using manipulated accusations, to save the police honour, since from being the accusant authority it is the police who are now accused.

We shall not accept any mud on the name of our fellow student, from the TV trials who have been set during the last days. Our fellow student has been found innocent for the incidents of the 8th of March, with an unanimous decision of the court, and we consider unacceptable the fact that this is being disputed for the benefit of the TVratings. The prior accusations against him cannot stand as an indication of guilt. Additionally, we consider unacceptable the effort to connect the student movement with tactics we have kept distance from.

  • The student movement cannot be defamed, cannot be repressed
  • We request the immediate release of our innocent fellow student.
Student Unions of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

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