Greece: Here's how the greek "democratic" police tortures detainees

shocking video

24.06.2006: At least four policemen torture two migrants inside the police station of Omonia in central Athens. They force them to beat each other while one of the policemen repeatedly instructs them to "hit harder" and beats both.

short transcription of the video

(Bald police officer, to the left):

- Harder, harder. Hit him harder, I'm telling you.
Sit down. You (points to the person to the right) will be number One. And you (points to the person to the left) will be number Two. Whoever hears their number beats up the other one. Do you understand? (Smacks one of the two). Do you understand? What number are you again?


-...and what number are you?


- Allright. Number One. (He smacks his friend).
Number Two. (He does the same).
Number One, five times. Quick, quick!
Number Two. Hit him better. And again... Now sit down. Number One, five times. That's good. Number two, don't turn your head. Sit down. Number two, five times. Faster number Two, faster! Hit harder. Harder!

Now I want you to face each other. Don't stand up, stay like you are, sitting. You will each hit each other with your hands.

-(Police officer in the back) Let's add some some sound. You will both say "what a wanker I was, to go rob that old lady".

-(Bald police officer to the left): Each of you, before hitting the other, will say "I am a wanker".

-(Detainee to the left): I am a wanker (Slaps his friend. Detainee to the right does the same).

Very nice. Don't stop! Harder, hit him harder! Swap over and continue. Now say, "I'm a big wanker" and continue slapping each other. (They both do so. Officer filming the torture laughs).

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