28/06: 21.41 The last oxygen resort of Athens is being burnt. Two hours ago they said that the fire would never reach Parnitha.mh

21.54 The fire is on, two days now, and they've left it burning

22.10 The whole mountain is on fire since early in the afternoon, and they just mention the village name. Like if the village is not on the mountain. When the mayor of Menidi tried to refer to the forest, in an interview, he was interrupted and the screened a report for the traffic Jam in the Attic highway. This marvelous mountain has been burnt with the blessing of the government, the wishes of the media and the natural acting of the tresspasseres.

22:14 The Casino in Mavrovouni, the Kyklamina Hotel in Aghia Triada and the radar-base in Caravola, are all in the so-called "protected" pine forest of Parnitha. Everyone who is watching, can see a beauty being lost tonight. Everything turns into ashes for the development and the money.

23:01 Everyone cares about the Casino. Everyone is there to save the fucking place. Leave the forest burning and save the casino. Fuck your state, bums.

23:07 Let everybody come to Parnitha. Let's help to save as much as possible. The momevent can't be inactive during such crimes.

23:20 Don't forget that if the Constitutional article about the forests had changed, as the Government had intended, then the entire Greece would have been set on fire. Do you know how many people do burn, just to be allowed to build there, afterwards?

23:23 It is not just the forest being burnt. In Parnitha forest you could also find animals and birds. I was afraid of what is hapenning,  sinc years now. If I find any means, I will go to help; it's the least I can do. It's not the time, but the bastards who built the villas in the forest, in the edge of the protected area, have no right to complain. I wish their shitty houses could burn, the bases and the radars, the antennas and the casinos, and the shelter-businesses in Bafi and Flambouri, and the taverns in Menidi and the villas in Ippocrateios Politia, without any tree catching fire. I wouldn't have a problem with that.


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