Next 9/11, Summer, 2007?

Former army military intelligence and public affairs officer, Captain Eric H. May, analyzes the prospects and probabilities of a Summer 2007 Bush Administration false flag attack on a U.S. city.

Next 9/11, Summer, 2007?
By Captain Eric H. May
Special Military Correspondent
The Nameless Past
If it were only happening in another place and time it would be so easy to see through!
The son of a national leader relies on his father's political cronies, who ensure that he inherits his father's position and power.  It's a story that has happened throughout history, whether in times of monarchy or of democracy.  At first, he promises a benign, faithful reign.
Unknown to the people, though, he and his cronies have already committed the nation to an unending world war to control Middle East oil resources and to advance Israel's regional policies. All it would take, they have written, is a sudden terrifying attack, a "New Pearl Harbor," to rouse the people of the United States for the Middle East war needed to bring about a "New American Century."
The much-desired attack was carried out on 9/11/01, within a year of the new leader's elevation to power.  The media helped him and his cronies tell the people what happened:
"Middle Eastern terrorists have treacherously attacked us because they hate America and Israel!  The same terrorists intend to attack us again, probably with nukes!  It's not a matter of IF they will attack, but WHEN they will attack!  Terrorists are everywhere, and we must have a Homeland Security Agency!  We must have a powerful unitary executive and an enabling Patriot Act!  We must fight wars of self-defense to liberate Afghanistan and Iraq!"
It all worked like a charm.  After 9/11, nine out of ten Americans approved of him, and two out of three still approved of him when he attacked Iraq on 3/19/03.
The Perilous Present
Five years later, though, his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are unmitigated fiascoes.  His ends and means are becoming the matter of national opposition and investigation.  His media, which sold us his Global War on Terror, is discredited.  Key members of his formerly unified Republican party are defecting.  A few bold mainstream pundits are calling his "unitary executive" approach to ruling our democracy "Bush's Dictatorship" and "King George's Monarchy."  They have even begun to call for his impeachment.
His standing with the people is worse yet.
Three quarters disapprove of him and his Quisling Congress.
Three quarters want us out of his Iraq fiasco.
Half believe that he ordered or allowed 9/11 to happen.
Half want him and his henchman Cheney impeached.
Desperate situations require dire remedies.  Bush cronies have lately been saying that what this nation needs is another 9/11 attack, preferably nuclear and mass-casualty-producing, to get back in line with Bush.  This long-promised "9/11-2B" attack would vindicate him for everything he has already done, and empower him for everything he must still do to continue with the New American Century war plan.  Coincidentally, this 9/11-2B nuking of an American city is just what the Homeland Security Agency and national military forces have been practicing regularly in recent years.
This spring, on 5/9/07, Bush signed National Security Presidential Directive 51, which allows him and his Homeland Security Agency to establish a dictatorship in the event of a national catastrophe -- like 9/11-2B.
More recently, on 7/10/07, Homeland Security Agency Director Michael Chertoff told the Chicago Tribune that he had a "gut feeling" that Al Qaeda would attack us this summer.
The next day, on 7/11/07, a leaked National Intelligence Estimate affirmed Chertoff's gut feeling by announcing that Al Qaeda is rested and ready to hit us again with a 9/11-2B attack.
Last week reliable Bush sirens Condi Rice and Judith Miller made the rounds with obliging TV talking heads, discussing the enormity and inevitability of 9/11-2B.
On 7/20/07 ABC News presented articles carrying an official 9/11-2B worst-case scenario:  a nuked Sears Tower -- or something equally catastrophic in another U.S. city:
U.S. Intel Chief: Tall Buildings and Mass Casualties Top AQ's Hit List
The Nuclear Loophole: U.S. Still at Risk
Clearly the media is regurgitating whatever lies are fed it by Bush and his cronies to develop the 9/11-2B plot, and they are doing so in a hurry.  Public support for the war president and his war policy has already evaporated, and the Quisling Congress now demands improvement in Iraq if they are to support the war.  General Petraeus, the new Bush commander in Iraq, will deliver an Iraq "surge" progress report to official Washington in September.  Military and political officials have already predicted that the report will be dismal, and end Bush's war project for a New American Century.  It may be now or never for 9/11-2B, sometime before the end of the summer, as Chertoff said.
The Future: Where & When
Primary Target:  Houston.  Over the past three years military and police veterans like me have been alerting the public to government exercises aiming at the nuclear destruction of Houston petro-suburbs Texas City, Baytown and New Caney.  Four times in those three years we were able to predict to within a day major petrochemical explosions in those petro-suburbs.  The odds against this kind of accuracy are astronomical.  As the center of Big Oil and the Bush Family, Houston remains the most endangered city in America.  Any patriotic group, like mine, trying to alert its home city to the dangers of a 9/11-2B attack should read the Arctic Beacon account of our efforts to derail a nuclear attempt against Texas City on 1/31/06:
Secondary Target:  Chicago.  While Houston is the most endangered city, the most endangered building -- the best candidate to be the next World Trade Center -- is the Sears Tower.  Official sources have pronounced it just that ever since the original 9/11 attack, when they said it was on the Al Qaeda hit list.  Larry Silverstein, who bought the WTC two months before 9/11, led a group that purchased the Sears Tower on 3/11/04, the day of the Madrid bombings.  Again, anyone interested in how we citizens can counter a possible 9/11-2B attack should read a communique we sent Illinois Governor Blagojevich in May, 2006.  That's when the government had scheduled secret 9/11-2B exercises in Chicago, while Chicago Mayor Daley was tucked conveniently away in Israel for his first visit ever:
Tertiary Target:  Portland.  I have never been involved in earlier 9/11-2B exercises in Portland, but the city has certainly shown up on my radar recently, thanks to worried Internet chatter.  Citizens in the Pacific Northwest are smart to be concerned about the upcoming "Noble Resolve" exercise, which federal officials describe in their own publications:  "In August, Noble Resolve will coordinate with officials in Oregon to model a nuclear attack on Portland."
Red Zone Dates: 7/27/07 - 9/22/07.  7/27/07, the beginning of the red zone, will be a week before the congressional break.  9/22/07, the end of the red zone, will be a week after Petraeus' mid-September report.  It is my fondest wish that the entire red zone will pass uneventfully.  It's up to us to make sure it does.  My experience since 9/11 has shown me and countless other alarmed patriots that exposure of potential 9/11-2B attacks can shut them down, or transform them to relatively minor explosions.  Simply put, if the government knows that we know what they are setting up, then they can't go through with it.
* * *
Captain May and other veterans formed Ghost Troop as an independent intelligence group in 2003, and have since been read and listened to worldwide. For his original designation of Summer, 2007, as a likely time for 9/11-2B, refer to his "May Day Interview" with the Lone Star Iconoclast:

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