Direct Action around Greece for December 2007

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At 1:30 in the night, unknown persons started a fire at a school's classroom. It was the second time vandals hit the school of Kamares within a week.

Attack against riot-policemen (Athens, 27/12/2007)


According to a report at with data from ANA-MPA, a group of around 15 persons attacked the riot policemen outside PASOK (ex-ruling "socialist" party) offices, at Harilaou Trikoupi street. It was the second attack with stones, sticks and molotov cocktails within a day, against the police that took over the area around and inside the technical school where a support gig to activist prisoners was planned.


Source (greek only-page bottom):,id=91228912

At 4:43 in the morning, the ATM of a Kyprou Bank subsidiary in central Athens, was set on fire. There was no responsibility claim.


Source (greek only): Eleftherotypia -,id=91228912

According to "Eleftherotypia newspaper report the "Revolutionary Attack Groups" (Epanastatikes Omades Epithesis) claim responsobility for the arsons of "Group 4 Securicor" vehicles in Kolonos, Athens. "On Dec. 24 we attacked the private guard company "Group 4-Wackenhut" headquarters destroying around 15 vehicles used in money transfers. This company, apart from owning private prisons in America and England, in our country constitutes the most important piece of the growing police-like corp of security professionals that floods the streets, breeding the big brother shoving cameras, circulating the banks' wealth and guarding diverse capitalist targets contributing in the increasing social control and repression."
They also mention:
"The message here is clear. When dealing with the rage of insurgents they cannot be safe, even in their headquarters. Our attack was an action of solidarity to our emprisoned comrades: Giannis Dimitrakis, Giorgos Voutsis-Vogiatzis, Marios Tsourapas, Chrissostomos Kontorevithakis, Vaggelis Botzatzis as well as to the prisoners of the Revolutionary Organisation November 17 that are being kept under a state of total isolation. It is an action of solidarity to the insurgent prisoners of April, many of whom face torture and constant transfers. It all continues..."


According to reports at a group of individuals set on fire a police camera power supply box, on Ethikis Amynis Street, Thessaloniki.


Source: (greek only-page bottom:

Unidentified persons caused a gas canister explosion at a bank subsidiary in Volos, around 4:30 in the morning, at Emporiki Bank on Iolkou and Konstanta street, causing damages to the bank's ATM. Police suspects individuals from the city's antiauthoritarian milieu.




Vandalism and theft at municipal building (Athens, 15/12/2007)



Source (greek only):

Unidentified persons broke and entered the building of the Organisation of Youth and Sports of the municipality of Athens, near the "Areios Pagos" Courthouse. They caused minor damages and took with some 2.500 euros, computers and various objects.

Occupations at the Lawyers' Association and the "Friends of the Police Club" (Athens, 13/12/2007)


Reports (in greek):,id=33366816,3091,171458,00.html

The text read and distributed during the Lawyers' Association Occupation expressing their solidarity to all dissobedient prisoners that participated in the May 2007 prison mutinies, and are subdued to disciplinary charges, as well as the prisoners for alledgedly participating in the revolutionary organisation "November 17" and also anarchists as Vaggelis Botzatzis, Giannis Dimitrakis, Giorgos Voutsis-Vogiatzis, Marios Tsourapas, Chrissostomos Kontorevithakis and Christina Tonidou, can be found in greek at: During an event held by the Association, where the minister of justice was supposed to give a speach (he finally didn't come up at all), a group of about 50 anarchists took over the association offices for more than two hours, they hung banners and chanted slogans as "Social struggles are neither legal nor illegal, they are just". They finally left the offices without any police intervention.

In the same time, there was another militant occupation at the "Friends of the Police" club in Peristri district, western Athens. There, the president of the club Giannis Mathioudakis, put out his personal gun and fired a few times against the people, and even "arrested" a 22 year old, who is going to face a jury on Dec. 27th.


All reports come from Another report in greek can be found at

One-day long general strike was called by federations, labor unions and syndicates that belong to the GSEE (general syndicalist union), PAME (tied to the Communist Party) but also independent syndicates and other groups, against government plans to overhaul the pension system (raising retirement ages, cutting benefits etc).

Athens: The police repeatedly attacked with tear gas and flash light and sting ball grenades in order to tear apart the anarchist/antiautoritarian blocs (more than 1.500 persons) from the other demonstrators (more than 150.000) while the demonstrators fought back with stones and sticks. A luxurius car had its windows broken and was set on fire, together with a bank's ATM and a police surveillance camera. Near Great Britain hotel, the cops attacked again the demonstration but were held back by the people. In Omonoia Square, the cops attacked once again the demo and cut back the anarchist/antiatoritarian blocs. In Panepistimiou street, some demonstrators attacked the cops and set free 2 persons that were handcuffed by the cops, in a previous police attack. Then, there was a constant tear gas attack and police striking the demo in order to separate the anarchist/antiatoritarian blocs from the rest of the demonstrators, though they never manage to do so, thanks to the strong self-defence of the anarchists/antiautoritarians and the support of the rest of the demonstrators that did n't run away, regardless the amounts of tear gas and police attacks. In the same time, employees of "Olympic Airways" some of them protesting with greek flags against the bunkruptsy of this state-sponsored company, were offering flowers to the policemen ouside the parliament house... During the demonstrations, bank ATMs and surveillance cameras were destroyed, and 2 linemen of the Public Power Corporation got arrested a few hours after the demonstrations, for covering up police surveillance cameras with bags. In total, there were dozens of arrests, and 4 of them are prosecuted under misdemeanours (disruption of public order, damaging public property).

Thessaloniki: Demonstrators broke down the McDonalds at Lagkada street and bank windows, and burnt up power supply boxes of police surveillance cameras. In total, more than 30.000 people participated in the demonstrations.

Larissa: Paint bombs and eggs were thrown at banks and party offices.

Marches and open gathering were organised in most cities and towns of the country.

Series of arson attacks against foreign mission vehicles (Athens, 10/12/2007)


Source (greek only): "Eleftherotipia" newspaper (
Also in

The series of attack were against the state's plans for the making of scapegoats, as well as against the society of modern wage slaves it dreams about, according to a phone call of an unknown person to "Eleftherotipia", damaging four vehicles of foreign missions and embassies.

It all begun 25 minutes before midnight and ended up at 12:40 in the night, targeting diverse areas around Athens.

In Pagrati, a car of a Turkish mission was targeted, damaging also two nearby cars.

In Zografou, a car of the Turkish embassy was set on fire, damaging a nearby car as well.

In Ellinorosson, a car of the Philippines embassy was damaged too, along with a nearby car.

In Patisia district, a car of the Italian embassy was damaged.

"Freedom for Giannis Dimitrakis and Giorgos Voutsis-Vogiatzis" the unknown person mentioned as well as that the "attacks will go on" without mentioning any group's name.

The Turkish embassy announced that it condemns the arson attacks and states that theese attack will not affect the "dialogue and co-operation process" with Greece.

"With these last arsons, the number of cars beloning to employees of the turkish diplomatic missions set on fire has reached 6 in the last one month and a half. We expect from the Greek authorities to track down the arsonists, pay for the damages, and guarantee the security of lives and fortunes of all employees of the embassy working in Greece", stated the embassy.

From "Eleftherotipia" newspaper - 11/12/2007

Explosive devise found outside company building (Athens, 9/12/2007)


Reported at (greek only):

An unknown person reported in a phone call to ET1 tv that a bomb had been placed outside the company as a protest against the liquidation of Olympic Airways, and claimed responsibility for the "Autonomous Intervention".

Another explosive devise, this one consisted of three gas canisters, was found November 2, between a tax office and a fast food branch subsidiary. (report in greek at



There has been weeks since the desperate attempts calling the city council to plant trees in one of the two main streets of Koukaki, Dimitrakopoulou Street, that is totally deprived of any plants.

So around 30 residents meet-up at 12 o'clock to form a committee and proceed to a first symbolic action. There also participated people from the Philopappou Committee, from Petralona-Thiseio-Philopappou-Koukaki residents committee, and there were also two city councilors from the left-wing "Anoihti Poli" and "Symparataksi for Athens"...



After an immigrant without papers was shot to death "accidentaly" by a frontier policeman outside Amyntaio, a small town near Thessaloniki, a protest was organised after a call from the anarchists-antiautoritarians assembly in Kozani and Ptolemarida (two nearby towns) and the nation-wide coordination of anarchists-antiautoritarians for the immigrants. During the protest paintbombs were thrown on the police station on Amyntaion.


Source (greek only):

According to reports in, "Aggelioforos" newspaper received a phone call claiming responsibility for the arson against the offices late last night, in solidarity to the 17 persons that are prosecuted for the total destruction of their school during the time of its squatting against the intensification of the educational system. They also state that raids cant stop gas-canister attacks. It is also reported that they "sent e-mails to officials of the educational/juridicial system, (the president of the republic) Papoulias (former student of the same school that blamed the squatters in the media), the head-officer of the offices attacked and other persons. A hug for all vandalists".


Source (greek only):

According to the newspaper's report unknown persons shot 14 bullets against the Police Station of Agios Vlassios, near Agrinion in Western Greece, Sunday night. Locals say there were two persons on a motorbike.

According to the paper and a report in there have preceded one attack with a molotov coctail against a police car and one with erosive materials against an unmarked police car.

Note: finally, turns out they were cops trying to draw attention on the police station in order to go on to a robbery they were planning(!)...


Source - Photos: -

According to a report in, at 1 o'clock in the noon, around 100 anarchists gathered outside the offices of the newspaper "Makedonia" in Thessaloniki. They distributed a communique about the arrest of anarchist Vaggelis Botzatzis and the 3 other anarchists that are under investigation but escape arrest. The newspapers "Makedonia" and "Ethnos" as well as some TV news, published photos of the three anarchists. This lead even to a "Makedonia" reporter offering his resignation. The communique was undersigned: Anarchists against journalistic vulgarism.

During the gathering, slogans were spray-painted inside and outside the newspaper's offices, on a newspaper's automobile that even had its tyres flatened, on passing buses and a police car.

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