Anarchist Prisoner Nikos Kountardas on a circular hunger strike

a briefing and a translation of his two recent letters

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Nikos Kountardas was arrested on 9/1/08 and convicted with 10 days in prison (for "mockery against a policeman"), while he was out on parole, having a warrant against him for 15 months in prison for liftin two banners (against the new sports terror-law and of solidarity to its arrestees) in OAKA olympic stadium. He is also accused -without any evidence- with an explosion against an ETE bank in Ksanthi (a small town in northeastern Greece). He has already spent nearly 18 months in a pre-trial emprisonment accused with beating Christos Polyzogopoulos, a member of PASOK (ex ruling party) and ex-president of the GSEE (sell-out main trade union), since he was "recognised" by Polyzogopoulos in a photo the police had of him as he was arrested during some riots after a soccer match, 9 years before that. Another anarchist accused under that case, Stelios Malindretos is still detained in Dafni mental hospital. Nikos was transfered to Komotini prisons where he abstained from prison food protesting his prosecution. A month later he was moved to Chios juridical prison (Dikastikes Fylakes Xiou, Xios, TK 821 00, Greece), an overpopulated prison in Chios island, where a few months ago, a long-time prisoner in struggle (P. Georgiadis), was beaten by prison guards for distributing political material. Nikos is in a circular hunger strike (one week on, one off) and is determined to go on with a strict hunger strike.


από * 10/03/2008 7:13 μμ.

I shall abstain systematically from prison food as a protest against my vengeful detaintion (hunger strike) if these forced (by the police) accusations against me aren't dropped: the conviction of 24/12/07 based upon the new fascist sports terror-law, and I ask for my release, since it isn't rational in the year 2008 to put a man in prison for 15 months for lifting a political banner inside a stadium. While in the same time neo-nazis lift extreme-right symbols and swastikas in any national team's match, and while we have all watched the New Democracy (ruling party) invade in the soccer field beating and punching his way in. The accusation against me is styled upon my so-called "illegal" entrance in the soccer field.

I demand the immediate release of all that imprisoned and fugitives under this inhuman law, whatever team they may support or come from.

I ask to break through this guilty silence around this cruel sports law of Orfanos and turn it together into an ear-piercing howl up the ears og the (ir)responsibles that will make them suspend this terror-law mess, and throw it in the garbage can.

I demand to finish my juridical captivity since Polyzogopoulos' case (I was released 10 days before my 18 month pre-trial imprisonment period ends, so as they could impose a parole with vindictive terms) and to cease this witch-hunt of the authorities against me.

The worst are yet to come




Nikos Kountardas, 15/1/08

από * 10/03/2008 7:16 μμ.

A few words to my friends and all those concerned about my case. I will begin with a kind request, and I will repeat it at the afterword, so that it can be understood.  

It was a totally personal choice to do what I did, of course I don't regret in any case and my desire is to fight myself for my freedom. Even if I have to go all the way to the end, squaring my shoulders to the persecution authorities. It is a deaply political, determinate and irrevocable decision, and I demand that all friends, "friends" and enemies respect that.

From this point on, it is equally respectable, the selection of some persons should they select not to stand in solidarity with me, after this letter. It isn't like me, I don't want and I cannot limitate anyone's freedom.   Besides, I consider personally free the one who acts as he -his individuality- desires and of course one doesn't need to bow his head to anyone.

I will disoblige you, but I need to repeat it with capitals: PERSONALLY FREE IS THE ONE THAT DOESN'T BOW HIS HEAD TO ANYONE. So there, as if I wasn't supposed to say it clearly, my freedom is limitated not only by persons and powers superior to me (the prison, the tortures, the isolation, the disciplines) but also by persons equal to me.  

On 21/2, I begun a circular hunger strike, I sat down and wrote in a piece of paper my though, my opinions. My own viewpoint. My demands. To project them, to make them exist. The content of my letter was a strict warning to the (ir)responsibles of the Ministry of Justice and of the Ministry of Public Order, stating comprehensively these demands. Still, some friends (without quotation marks) cut my text as non rational, as if their aim is to maintain a "rational order" or a moral attitude.  

As far as it concerns my enemies, they didn't even bother to care, kept buisy slandering me.  

On the other side, some of my "friends" (quotation marks needed here) agreed upon this cencorship, as it appears because this text might be concidered as a call for insubordonation. (What a coincidence: this is the same reason I got 2 months in jail). In other words that I am supposedly rushing people outside to act. 

Come on now, you guys. When I wrote at the postscript of my letter I was thankfull to all those that stood by me in revolutionary solidarity, it didn't mean in any case I demanded or begged for it.   What each one does, he does it for his own sake first, and mainly because this satisfies him, whatever one does. And if one's acting in solidarity to another, it is because he thinks he could be in his place, so still he does it for his own sake, for his individuality. For his ego, his strengh. 

In any case, since I believe my freedom was limitated, that I was injured by those friends and "friends", I am obliged to insist, no matter how boring it can get, on the matter-of-course.   I consider myself a political being, as a personality/individuality, that I "belong" and take part in an insurrectionary milieu, connected by some fundamental points with some other persons (individualities). 

Since, so, I am not a member, I do not know of any loyalty and I am not tammed by the rules of "the people", "the movement" or the "party", I decided to walk alone, even if I have to sell my skin dearly. It is of course granted, and I underline this, that any individuality sees upon this old world like I do, is always welcome to communicate, to agree and to join our forces, and achieve more that what an isolated force can achieve. That's all. 

And even more, whoever agrees with that and is interested to stand in solidarity with me in the future, should respect my desire, to fight for my freedom myself. It was, besides, a personal decision, to hang these 2 banners in the stadium. Those who still want to do something for me, I have a suggestion for you. I would be delighted if you could act in a double sense: towards the abolition of the fascist "New Athletics Law" and against the N2776/99 law on the disciplines of prisoners. 

Friends, apart from any magniloquence and verbal fireworks, there's one thing I have to say to you: the greek stadiums and the greek prisons are a raging vulcano. A year before, in the prison of Nafplion, I sensed the pervasive dissent of the prisoners, and a few days later my predictions came true, with the tremendous insurrection of April. Something similar I feel is going on now, with the wild youth of the stadiums. The rage is really bursting. 

Another thing, a common clue: as I have lived up to these situations, I can assure the comrades outside that inside more stadiums and prisons, there are people fighting for the abolition of these 2 laws, that are undoubtedly friendly to our milieu. They are fighters and I am on their side. I am on their side for my own reasons, the side of those "nasty fans" and those "criminals". And, if you don't mind me asking, why is it that since you chant slogand for "FREEDOM FOR ALL" you come to exclude some of them? Even the decent ones?   When it comes to you who, motivated by careness or any other damn reason you had in your mind (I am also counting my self) stood by the side of all those "people in struggle", p.e. the students movement, the workers in the fertilizer industry, the dock workers and others, when did you do your self-criticism? I know, silence prevailed, or rather politician reasons, some short of "give us a break, with that buster, Kountardas". 

A few additional notes, in conclusion. In the case of Polyzogopoulos, the revolutionary-offensive solidarity was what unlocked my prison door. This is something beyond argument, though I wont make a report on my political activity since the day I left the prison walls behind me. The only one legitimate to judge me is myself. However, I entitle G. Dimitrakis, G. Voutsis-Vogiatzis, the gas-canister bombers, Chr. Tonidou that is out of prison now, V. Botzatzis and also V. Pallis to talk about me, provided they want to, and mainly some other guys their names might never become known to you. The unruly criminals and the incontrollable fans. Learn also that I, Kountardas the hooligan, am prosecuted without any evidence for an explosion at ETE bank of Ksanthi (4.10.2007), in another dirty plot of the antiterror unit.   To finish with, as a response to some of the friends, I announce them that I wont "behave" in the prisons I change (3 of them in 2 months) for a series of reasons. The basic is that I don't accept their so called "benefits" p.e. the day-wage. They order you to work, to bow your head, to shut the hell up, and in 4-5 months you will be outside. Thanks but not for me. I 'd rather give my place to a prisoner with a much larger sentence, to someone that needs it more than I do. I decline this little piece of cheese as the whole trap: I refuse to recognise this political sentence against me, since according to their own civil-penal code I shouldn't be in jail in the first place. Personally 1-2 or even 3-4 more or less months in prison don't mean anything to me. Besides, a small piece of freedom allowed isn't freedom at all.  

And something else, to have in mind: In the prisons of Chios where I am kept, I could dig my way out, at any time. Due to some certain conditions it is the only easy thing to do. I wouldn't even have a personal cost, since I already face disciplinary charges. Though, there is a lot to gain, in here. The "prisoners under the common law" since they learned about the hunger strike, were prepared for all. I chose not to do anything. I am sure that some pretty smart persons waiting in the corner will say i take advantage of certain situations. I don't even have the patience to reply and explain to most persons that I didn't do that to beg for some solidarity... 



PS1: Ah! I sure did -burnt my matress and provoked the tortures in Kassandra prisons, to make the case known.

PS2: To end with it: whatever I do, I do it for me, to conquer my freedom and if I try to find a scondary reason, I would hardly say it is if someone reasonably asks me in the future, if one will find himself in my place, what have you done when you faced this law to object him, or was it you allowed to open the way for this authoritarian law to expand? 

Nikos Kountardas, 9/3/08

από * 10/03/2008 7:24 μμ.

During the local carnival fest in Ksanthi, banks had their glass-windows spray painted with slogans in solidarity to Nikos Kountardas. (

On 28/2/02, small posters and leaflets with Nikos' letter from Komotini prison, in central Thessaloniki, slogans spray painted and banners lifted near the universities. (

An attack against a police station in solidarity to G. Dimitrakis, G. Voutsis-Vogiatzis, Chr. Kontorevithakis, M. Tsourapas, V. Botzatzis, N. Kountardas, to the three fugitives for the "Ethniki" bank case, and the three fugitives for the arson against a french car agency and against a riot-police brigade in solidarity to N. Kountaras (

από euri 10/03/2008 9:37 μμ.

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