victory of the Greek workers on hunger strike in saint nazaire

Tuesday, 1 April to 12 H00 sub prefect we announced that Aker paid. Greek comrades We have won, after 19 days of hunger strike

Boris due to them, and Nikos Léonidas
? 8000 each + airfare!
The modern slave traders were unable to impose their law
They sold!

Thanks to Leonidas, Boris and Nikos for their courage, dignity and determination

Thank cgt militants, who have driven the fight and members of associations and organizations (FSU, Pcf, Label left lcr, LO, MRAP, female solidarity, UDB, ATTAC, émancipation44 Movement for Peace) who participated actively in movement.

Thanks to citizen (ne) s diverse backgrounds, members or not an organization, which came together in the action within the collective citizen (do) ... SOLIDARITY

It was found ... School children, the unemployed, pensioners, working people who had arranged their schedules, short with people who simply label citizens have met daily to ensure every day what is necessary to accompany the animation and the media coverage of the action of 3 workers Greeks.

This has been the presence in the markets for petitions signatures, a watch day and night at the home of Sports, manufacture and sticking posters, to information leaflets or by Internet, the organization for medical surveillance or simply moral support to Boris, Leonidas and Nicos.
They are people of views and experiences that beyond the labels certainly have worked in concert with the forces involved in this conflict, but whose common denominator was primarily the desire to bring about a just and good cause 3 of Greek workers.


10:45 am: Deputy Prefect phone at the CGT to announce that the planned meeting was cancelled at 11am, AKER providing a statement. The CGT activists, furious go all the same to sub prefecture, the Deputy Prefect tells them while Aker Yards has decided to pay ? 8000 + airfare in the presence of the authorities of the labour inspector and CGT

12h30: in a AKER confirms and wrote:

Faced with the risk of disruption to the launching ceremony of the cruise ship MSC Poesia, now owned by MSC, Aker Yards has decided to date, without negotiating, 7300 euros (in addition to 700 euros salary escalated this weekend ), and a plane ticket, three people currently on hunger strike in order to prevent this event and its likely excesses that would be very damaging for our city and especially for employment. "

13H, at the town hall, while the press conference will begin (coincidence?), A huissière accompanied by the head of security AKER (!) Disembarked to return cheques to 8000 ? 3 employees (without witnesses outside!) The cgt intervenes, denounced the non-compliance with the provisions announced by the Deputy prefect himself, claiming the airfare and salary slips .... discussions sérrés s "commit 3 employees accept cheques but written notification of their Requirements: Their pay slips and the certainty of having their airfare ... (the fight is not completely finished)

16H, Boris, Nikos and Leonidas down with their cheques .... The JOY IS POPPING CORN ... Intense moment of joy and emotion

THE STRIKE FROM HUNGER is complete, but the recharge must be done with caution, and under medical supervision for at least a week (not start before that date in principle).
Boris, Nikos and Leonidas remain TO THE HOUSE OF SPORTS and permanence with them 24h/24h must continue as long as there is a risk ... JOIN NOW!


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